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The Almost Famous Podcast- Bachelor in Paradise 2021 Season

The Almost Famous Podcast- Bachelor in Paradise 2021 Season

Episode: Welcome to Paradise

Release Date: 8/16/21

iHeart Synopsis: We’re finally heading back to the beach for the new season of Bachelor in Paradise! Ben and Ashley are talking to all your favs about all the drama. We’re live from the BIP premiere, catching up with Aaron & Tre, Hannah Ann, Jessenia, Kenny, Mike Johnson, Natasha, Tammy, Victoria and Connor!

Episode: Home Sweet Home

Release Date: 8/19/21

iHeart Synopsis: Home is where the heart is! And since you’ve spent a lot more time at home lately, Ben and Ashley are teaming up with Jared Haibon and Dean Unglert to help you improve your space while you watch this season of Bachelor in Paradise. Bachelor Arie Luyendyk is joining in for some crucial home buying tips in an unpredictable time. Ben reveals a basketball injury that could affect his wedding! And, we check in with Bachelor success story Peyton and Chris Lambton, who are experts in home renovation and interior design. Dean and Caelynn are decorating their new home and need some major help. Find out if Dean gets his lazy river! We’re here to help transform your house into your sanctuary. Because after all, there’s no place like home.

Episode: Birds of Paradise

Release Date: 8/24/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ben opens up about a breakdown he experienced recently that caused him to completely re-evaluate his life after being The Bachelor. Find out how he turned his breakdown into a breakthrough. Paradise star Tenley Molzahn Leopold joins us to share her honest thoughts on episode 2 of Paradise and she gives Ashley some much needed parenting advice. Plus, we have some theories about the Brendan and Piper storyline and how things might play out on the beach.

Episode: Island Time

Release Date: 8/24/21

iHeart Synopsis: A true Paradise legend is joining Ben and Ashley to recap this week’s episode. No one has been on the beach more than Chris Bukowski and he’s ready to lend his expert opinion on all the drama going in episode 3 of Paradise! He’s dropping some major secrets that will totally change your view or what goes down on the beach. We get an update on Chris’s dating life since his breakup with Katie Morton and he reveals a (sweaty) inside look into the Boom Boom Room.

Episode: Catch A Wave

Release Date: 8/30/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley are hanging out with a serious Bachelor O.G.! Jesse Palmer (The Bachelor Season 5) has a new show in the works that combines Bachelor in Paradise with a surf competition. He tells us everything about his pandemic wedding and he has some “married guy” advice for Ben. And, do we think that Grocery Store Joe still has feelings for Kendall on Paradise?? We break down episode 5 of Paradise. 

Episode: Cat’s Out of the Bag

Release Date: 8/31/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley get to know Connor B. from Bachelor in Paradise! Connor responds to Lance Bass’s accusations that he’s not “there for the right reasons,” and we hear his side of the story on how things went down on the beach with Marissa. Plus, we finally discover why the cat suit worked so well on Katie !

Episode: Freak in the Sheets

Release Date: 8/31/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ashley hangs out with some serious Paradise veterans to recap episode 6 of Paradise: Emily Ferguson and Amanda Stanton! Emily gives us all the deets on her upcoming wedding and we find out what it’s like planning a wedding at the same venue as her twin sister! Amanda reveals the dirty truth about the sheets in Paradise and she drops that there might be some wedding bells in her future too! Plus, did Aaron get mad at the wrong person in his love triangle? We try to break down all the drama going down in Paradise.

Episode: Grocery Isles

Release Date: 9/6/21

iHeart Synopsis: We have to do a deep dive into Grocery Store Joe and Kendall’s beach connection. Will they get back together? Ben and Ashley have very different thoughts. Can we forgive Brendon for what he did to Natasha to be with Pieper? We break down their complicated situation. And, Ben opens up about a major life change that may affect his wedding!

Episode: Bachelor Nation Always Finds Out

Release Date: 9/8/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ashley is joined by Paradise veteran Derek Peth to recap tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise! Derek offers his unique perspective on what happens when Demi is told “no.” And, we take a look at the hard data after last night’s revelation about Brendan and Pieper. Find out how many people slammed the “Unfollow” button after learning they were there for the wrong reasons.

Episode: Beach Love Songs With Jessenia

Release Date: 9/14/21

iHeart Synopsis: Jessenia is back from Paradise and spilling all of the tea! She’s sitting down with Ben for a one on one recap of her time on the beach. We get all the juicy details on her romantic connection with Connor B. Jessenia shares everything she knew about Pieper and Brendan BEFORE Paradise even started filming! You won’t believe what went down. And, find out where things stand between Jessenia and Chris after everything that happened. 

Episode: Higgins Takes a Knee

Release Date: 9/15/21

iHeart Synopsis: We’re still dealing with the aftermath of the Brendan/Pieper scandal. Has anyone ever come onto the show in a relationship and not experienced backlash? Kendall needs to face the hard truth about her relationship with Grocery Store Joe. We hear Ben and Ashley’s advice on what she should do next…and what she maybe should have done in the first place. And, Ben’s knee surgery has taken a troubling turn. 

Episode: InviTayshia

Release Date: 9/22/21

iHeart Synopsis: Tayshia Adams joins Ben and Ashley for a sneak peek at what we can expect on Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette! Find out what changed for Tayshia now that she’s “hosted” before. For the first time, she shares the gut feeling she felt about Brendan when he was on her season and she reveals what surprised her about his behavior on Paradise. Plus, they ponder if a Paradise engagement is actually logical at this point!

Episode: Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Release Date: 9/29/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley break down this week’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, which was not a good look for Ivan. Was he just using Chelsea to get to Alexa? Ashley has some thoughts answer that question quite well. We catch up with Madi Prewitt who shares the real reason she decided to go on The Bachelor. You won’t believe why she turned down a trip to Paradise! And, we try to figure out Kendall went to Paradise to move on or to be with Joe.

Episode: What’s Up, Doc?

Release Date: 9/29/21

iHeart Synopsis: The Bachelor has a new host! What do you think about Jesse Palmer? Ben finally reveals the truth about how close he came to stepping into the host role himself. Dr. Joe Park joins Ben and Ashley to spill all about his brief but dramatic stay in Paradise. Find out all the juicy details of what happened when the cameras weren’t rolling! And, Dr. Joe shares the important facts about the Covid vaccine and what you need to know about the Delta variant.

Episode: A Man, A Van, and a Plan

Release Date: 10/6/21

iHeart Synopsis: It’s the final week of Bachelor in Paradise, so Ben & Ashley are checking in with the couple that stepped in as guides, Dean and Caelynn! Dean reveals that he came very close to dropping to one knee with a ring for Caelynn while in Paradise and you won’t believe what changed his mind. Ashley explains the behind the scenes reason there are so many BIP couples that breakup and then rekindle their relationship IRL. Ben and Ashley break down the most touching and nerve wracking moments during the overnight dates and proposals. 

Episode: From Boy Bands to Wedding Bands

Release Date: 10/13/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley hang with a major success story from this season of Paradise: Kenny and Mari! Mari explains how she found out about Kenny’s trip to the “Boom Boom Room” with Demi. Kenny reveals just how naked he was throughout the season. Find out how much closer in age Mari’s parents are to Kenny’s age than her age is to his. Plus, Ben and Ashley have your all-too-honest preview of Michelle’s Men!

Episode: Becca on the Beach

Release Date: 10/18/21

iHeart Synopsis: Becca Kufrin is back from Paradise with a brand new boyfriend! She and Thomas are here with Ben and Ashley explaining exactly why they didn’t leave Paradise together. They reveal how their first “I love yous” went and why Becca is regretting buying a house in LA right now. Plus! Becca chats about how she dealt with seeing Thomas’s storyline on Katie’s season before meeting him in Paradise and why she told her mom she can picture marrying him more than the other guys she’s been engaged to in the franchise. 

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