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I Don’t Get It Podcast- October 2021

I Don’t Get It Podcast- October 2021

Episode 246: It’s October 3 with Aaron Samuels

Release Date: 10/3/21

Description: Jonathan Bennett who plays Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls (amongst his many other roles) joins the girls for an hour laugh fest. He chats about what he was like in high school and how it feels to be part of a classic movie that transcends generations and what it’s like to own a day of the year. The highlight of the episode is when he talks about his fiance’ Jaymes Vaughn and the electricity they felt when they first met. Plus! Bennett explains why gay guys do Halloween so well.

Episode 247: Nothing Matters

Release Date: 10/22/21

Description: The I Don’t Get It crew discusses the amount of energy it takes to be around other humans. Along with setting boundaries, growing & evolving, beer & back pain, buying a home, baby movements, and the fact that every guy Naz goes on a date with apparently listens to the podcast.

Episode 248: Raven’s Got Chalk

Release Date: 10/18/21

Description: Bachelor alum Raven Gates Gottschalk is full of wisdom when it comes to preparing for marriage. She opens up about the counseling she and husband, Adam, went through to sort out religious differences and financial and family prior to their spring 2021 wedding. She reveals the filter-free comments Adam has made about her while pregnant and details about when they started “trying”. She and Ashley compare their pregnancies (they’re only 2 weeks apart!) and Bachelor experiences. Big differences include Raven being adverse to butter and never having thrown up while carrying. Similarities include ADD husband behavior, a love of McDonalds, and a deep appreciation for a certain Bachelor producer.

Episode 249: Overheard at the Nail Salon

Release Date: 10/25/21

Description: This week the girls ramble about truly first world problems. They discuss obnoxious conversations overheard at the nail salon, sleeping positions, the magic of the dry cleaners, post office woes, and elephant pregnancy. They wonder why Naz has never sat next to a hot guy on a plane…and why that seems like a nerve-wracking situation for Ashley. Plus, they ponder at what age do you stop putting the exact number of candles on a birthday cake?

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