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The Almost Famous Podcast- Michelle’s Season of The Bachelorette

The Almost Famous Podcast- Michelle’s Season of The Bachelorette

Episode: Love Is In Bloom

Release Date: 10-29-21

iHeart Synopsis: New Bachelorette Michelle Young is here with Ben and Ashley to recap the first episode of her season! She tells us why she thinks her experience as a teacher prepared her for dating 30 guys as the Bachelorette. We find out if she found anything else suspicious in Ryan’s luggage. We get her to speak a bit more about Joe’s ghosting on Instagram. And, Becca Kufrin joins us to reveal her connection to one of Michelle’s guys! 

Episode: Bachelor Breaking News

Release Date: 10-25-21

iHeart Synopsis: Ben has an inside look at everything going on in Bachelor Nation! Listen to stay up to date on Chris Harrison’s engagement, Ryan Fox and his Bachelorette “Playbook,” and Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes breakup.

Episode: The Big Snip

Release Date: 10-26-21

iHeart Synopsis: Ashley is joined by Arie Luyendyk Jr. to help break down this week’s episode of The Bachelorette! Arie opens up about a big life decision that came about when he and Lauren couldn’t Uber Eats dinner in Hawaii. Arie reveals why he hasn’t watched The Bachelor franchise in over a year. Plus, Caroline Jones, who you saw perform on this week’s episode, shares how Jamie came across when she met him on the one-on-one date.

Episode: Higgins Getting Hitched

Release Date: 11/3/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ben imagines what kind of dress Jess is going to wear at their wedding. He lets us in on whether or not they’re doing a “first look” and if they’re exchanging traditional or written vows. Ben and Ashley breakdown the episode, including all of Jamie’s red flags and Clayton’s lack of storyline. Plus! Ben reveals why he won’t be hosting Bachelor Live! along side Becca Kufrin in the spring. 

Episode: The Other Ben From Indiana

Release Date: 11/10/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ben Smith from Tayshia’s season emerges after a year out of the spotlight. He reveals why he wasn’t on Paradise…believe us, it’s not a boring answer…it’s actually quite puzzling. Ben also discusses his time in the military and what upset military families about his time on the show. Plus, why speaking about his eating disorder and getting naked on national TV didn’t feel awkward for him, but this other issue did. In addition, Ben and Ashley breakdown the fourth episode of Michelle’s season. Martin’s date is less than stellar for the hosts and Ashley can’t stop thinking about Rick’s head on a room service tray.

Episode: This Is Your Captain Speaking With Peter Weber

Release Date: 11/17/21

iHeart Synopsis: Peter Weber fills in for Ben, who is on his honeymoon. He chats with Ashley about running the NYC Marathon without doing any training…like, nothing. Peter reveals what he likes to do on dates in NYC and if he’d ever take his former producer, Julie LaPlaca, whom he was rumored to have more of a friendship with during his season on one of these dates. Ashley and Peter breakdown episode 5 of Michelle’s season, including her chemistry with Joe & Nayte and all of Chris’s hypocritical actions. Mollique, who was eliminated during Week 3, joins us and explains why he’s just as puzzled about Clayton being The Bachelor as the rest of us. 

Episode: Mini In-Depth With Hannah Brown

Release Date: 11/23/21

iHeart Synopsis: Wells Adams digs deep into the headlines with Hannah Brown, who has a new book “God Bless This Mess” out now! Find out everything that went down when she stayed the night with Pilot Pete at his parents’ house when his season was airing. Hannah discusses how she felt about Tyler Cameron when he started dating Gigi Hadid and what happened when she was living with him and the “Quarantine Crew” in March 2020. Plus, she reveals drama that you never saw on her season of The Bachelorette!

Episode: Proposal Switcheroo

Release Date: 11/24/21

iHeart Synopsis: Jacqueline Trumbull from Arie’s season breaks down The Bachelorette episode with Ashley and shares all the news about her engagement! Hear all the details of her complex plan to seduce her fiancé from the moment she met him and hear why she was the one to propose! Ashley and Jacqueline try to figure out why in the world Clayton is The Bachelor after his departure from The Bachelorette this week. They also dissect the very staged feeling scene in which he reads letters from Michelle’s students. Ashley covers all the breaking Bachelor news, including Zac and Tayshia’s split and Katie Thurston’s “12 Days of Messy” on Instagram inspired by Taylor Swift’s “Red” album .

Episode: Honeymoon Higgins

Release Date: 11/30/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ben is back from his honeymoon! He walks us through all of his feelings about the wedding and what he and Jess did most of during the honeymoon. He’s also not shy about what happened on their wedding night. Ashley and Ben discuss the standout moments in Michelle’s hometown episode. Plus! In Bachelor headlines, we hear from Blake Moynes on rumors that Katie Thurston was cheating on him with her new boyfriend John Hersey. We also reveal the long comment John wrote in defense of his relationship on Reddit. 

Episode: What Wasn’t Told At Men Tell All

Release Date: 12/8/21

iHeart Synopsis: The juiciest part of this episode is when Ben catches Colton Underwood in a lie. Ben is annoyed he hasn’t been honest when promoting his new Netflix show “Coming Out Colton.” Producer Amy comes on the show to tell about her experience meeting Clayton at Jingle Ball. She explains why he was picked to be the new lead. Plus! Ben and Ashley discuss the drama surrounding the Pizzapreneur. 

Episode: The Final Three

Release Date: 12/15/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ashley was convinced Brandon was going to get cut during this episode. She thought that maybe Brandon’s lack of mystery was drawing Michelle more towards Joe. Ashley also got an inkling that Michelle may be seeing Joe in the future. Overall, Ben and Ashley agree that Nayte is the guy in the lead after Michelle says she’s in love with him too. Plus! They debate if ABC revealed Clayton’s top 3 girls in the new season teaser and report on Wells Adams’s feelings on being skipped over as Bachelor host.

Episode: In-Depth With Kaitlyn Bristowe 2021

Release Date: 12/16/21

iHeart Synopsis: Kaitlyn discusses how she copes with the hormonal depression she experiences during her period each month and how her fiancé Jason has learned to help her through it. She reveals if she ever had any reservations about saying yes to the Dancing With The Stars tour after such a busy year. We get her input on Katie and Blake’s breakup and do a fast round of questions about her upcoming nuptials. 

Episode: Lord of the Rings

Release Date: 12/22/21

iHeart Synopsis: Michelle and Nayte are engaged! They get a $200k downpayment on a house! Michelle says she loves two people! Kaitlyn slays hosting the live show solo last minute! Brandon has the most heartbreaking final two scene…EVER?! Ben’s not wearing a wedding ring, but doing something else instead to show his commitment! Hannah Brown is going to be in the same family as Jed Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend!

Episode: Finding Fate with Michelle and Nayte

Release Date: 12/22/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ashley asks Nayte how it was to be in his first serious relationship on The Bachelorette and having it lead to engagement so quickly. Nayte explains how it felt to hear Michelle say “I love you” to Brandon also. Ashley asks if the couple believes in love at first sight since Michelle gave Nayte the first impression rose. Michelle tells us the moment she knew she was going to pick Nayte. Most newly engaged Bachelor couples take their time in the wedding planning department, listen to find out the speed in which Nayte and Michelle are moving. 

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