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I Don’t Get It Podcast- November 2021

I Don’t Get It Podcast- November 2021

Episode 250: 90 Day Fiance and Two Babies in Two Years

Release Date: 11/1/21

Description: 90 Day Fiance’s Loren Brovarnik joins the girls this week to discuss marriage and motherhood. She explains how TLC’s 90 Day Fiance experience worked for her and her husband of six years, Alex. Loren gets so refreshingly real about motherhood. She admits how upset she was when she found out she was having a boy. She speaks about not feeling totally bonded to her baby for the first few weeks of his life. She’s open about her struggles with postpartum depression and how it initially hit her. Loren and Ashley chat about the pregnancy “glow” or lack thereof and the societal expectations of excitement and happiness during pregnancy.

Episode 251: Does Size Really Matter?

Release Date: 11/8/21

Description: On this week’s ramble, the women discuss the allure of Pete Davidson and his big dick energy. Guys think it’s all about the actual size of the dick…but does size matter as much to women as it does to men? Kravis’ (Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s) engagement is also brought up. Ashley can’t even like their photos because she feels so bad for Scott. The I Don’t Get It ladies also talk adult diapers, Kegel exercises, and the spelling of the name Sean.

Episode 252: Neighbor Horror Stories

Release Date: 11/15/21

Description: It’s horror story time again! You think your neighbors are tough to live around? Do they walk into your apartment unannounced and act as if your family room is the complex’s common area? Have they stolen your engagement ring? Have they brought you to court because you decided to buy a house? Have they told you that the sound of your laugh is disrupting their day or complain about the time of day you shower? All of these things have happened to the guests on this week’s podcast episode. Listen to decide which neighbors would have you scrolling on Zillow for a new place to live.

Episode 253: Hello From The Other Side

Release Date: 11/22/21

Description: In this ramble episode, the ladies discuss the look that is now considered “cheugy” by Gen Z. Lauren, ironically, defends them even though the trend can possibly hurt her business. This conversation leads to generational differences in appearance and effort levels. Ashley asks the ladies, “When are you officially FROM somewhere?” Is it after a decade of living there, 30 years, or something else? Naz gets passionate about her newly found admiration for Adele. Plus! Sex for the first time on your wedding night…is it sweet or scary?

Episode 254: How High School Has Changed

Release Date: 11/29/21

Description: Even though it has only been 15 years since Naz, Ashley and Lauren have been in high school, it seems like a lot has changed. Two high schoolers, Cameron and Kenadee come on to talk about their experiences socially and academically in high school. You won’t believe what they do to invite other kids to parties these days! They also admit to having a hard time communicating without a screen. A teacher also comes on to discuss how she compares high school today to the mid-late 2000’s.

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