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I Don’t Get It Podcast- December 2021

I Don’t Get It Podcast- December 2021

Episode 255: The Burger King Parking Lot

Release Date: 12/6/21

Description: Ashley tells a funny story about almost fainting in a Burger King parking lot, which of course lead to more fast food talk. The girls share their deep passion for fast food chicken wraps and discuss the petitions to bring them back on the menu. Lauren brings attention to a change in vocabulary as we age. When do “presents” become “gifts?” Naz shares career and Heart Broken Anonymous updates, as well as a breakthrough she has with getting clarity. Ashley and Lauren make fun of Naz for having a tendency to assume that guys just want to be friends with her. 

Episode 256: Behind the Scenes at Disney Parks

Release Date: 12/13/21

Description: It’s considered by many to be the most magical place on earth, but how do Disney Park employees feel about the parks? We hear from performers, interns, and customer service staff about the experiences they’ve had with children, parents, and management. The girls get the inside scoop on costumes in the heat, “being a princess,” celebrity tours, dorm room rules, and Disney school training.

Episode 257: And Just Like That

Release Date: 12/20/21

Description: Ashley, Lauren, and Naz super analyze the first two episodes of the Sex & the City reboot “And Just Like That.” They discuss it all: Big’s death, Samantha’s grudge and flowers, Charlotte’s new friend, Miranda’s awkwardness, Brady’s sex, etc. Is it gonna get better or will we continue to feel like the story should have stopped with the movies? Plus, what storylines can we sense around the corner? Miranda’s drinking, Carrie’s dating, Steve’s hearing, Big’s cheating? The crew speculates!

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