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The Almost Famous Podcast- Clayton’s Season of The Bachelor

The Almost Famous Podcast- Clayton’s Season of The Bachelor

Episode: First Impressions

Release Date: 12/29/21

Synopsis: Ben and Ashley basically judge the cast of Clayton’s season just based on their photos and ABC bio blurbs. Ben imagines how their personalities will be displayed on the show and Ashley reads off their name, age, place of residence, and fun facts. Ben and Ashley particularly have fun finding out that one woman named Ivana is a Bar Mitzvah dancer who loves clubbing and indoor trees and wants to find a man who will dance naked with her in the rain. Ashley has the rumored scoop on one contestant’s previous engagement and it is sketchy! She also reveals that she’s met up with the contestant from Rhode Island multiple times. 

Episode: Counting Clayton’s Roses with Nick Viall

Release Date: 1/4/21

Synopsis: Nick Viall joins Ben and Ashley to breakdown the premiere episode of The Bachelor. Nick reveals whether or not he thinks Chris Harrison’s departure from the show has affected the continuously decreasing ratings. Nick and Ashley are convinced that virgin Teddi will be losing her v-card in the fantasy suite. They all relish in the realness that was Claire’s disinterest in Clayton. Ashley shares some inside gossip she’s gathered over the past few days regarding Sallie’s recently cancelled wedding and her current relationship status. Nick explains how Clayton’s scene with Sallie perfectly previews what kind of Bachelor Clayton’s going to be.  

Episode: Villains Gonna Vill

Release Date: 1/11/22

Synopsis: Ashley reveals a wild pregnancy craving. Hint: It’s not actually edible. Connor Saeli joins us to breakdown Clayton’s second episode. Ben and Connor see an issue with “villain” Cassidy having a friend with benefits at home and Ashley does not. They put wagers on whether or not Clayton will take her rose away. The group agrees that Shanae vills even harder. Connor and Ashley get the vibe that Clayton’s one-one-one date with Susie didn’t go as well as he thought it did. 

Episode: In-Depth with Connor Saeli

Release Date: 1/13/22

Synopsis: Don’t let the laid back surfer dude attitude fool you, this guy worked for Goldman Sachs, has the mind of a business man, and aa hopeless romantic heart. He legit watched The Bachelor and romcoms in and wanted to act like a leading man in high school. Connor chats about the moves he made that eventually led him onto Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette and what he learned about himself through out the process. He reveals why he no longer lives with Bachelor pal Mike Johnson and who his roommate in Texas might be right now…

Episode: Tag Lines & Pickup Lines

Release Date: 1/18/22

Synopsis: There’s no new Bachelor episode this week, but there’s still plenty to discuss. Cassidy spoils her storyline on IG story and tells Clayton to F*&% off! Ben, Ashley, and Bachelor Nation remember Clint Arlis after his tragic passing this week. Jared comes on to explain how chaotic this period of life is for him and Ashley. Plus, Ben and Ashley revisit Bachelor tag lines from the past and laugh about how much has changed and which ones still stick. 

Episode: Coming Up Roses w/ Jesse Palmer

Release Date: 1/19/22

Synopsis: Ashley sits down with Jesse Palmer for the first time since he’s become The Bachelor host. He reveals if he’s signed on to do any other franchise spin offs at this point and critiques his performance as host thus far. He details his relationship (and the jealousy involved in it) with Clayton. You’ll be surprised when you find out the moment they met. Plus, Ashley gets his take on all the memes that joke that he and Clayton are interchangeable. She questions him on some Bachelor conspiracy theories to get his reaction. 

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