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I Don’t Get It Podcast- January 2022

I Don’t Get It Podcast- January 2022

Episode 258: Our Shitty Selves

Release Date: 1/10/22

Description: This ramble, the girls go off about people being flaky and what is acceptable behavior around your in-laws. They also discuss the pressures of opening gifts in front of people and the horrors of giving gifts to friends at school as a pre-teen. The I Don’t Get It crew discusses gifts they’ve received from guys and the meanings behind them. Ashley’s baby shower is in there somewhere too! 

Episode 259: First Class Orange Juice

Release Date: 1/17/22

Description: Ashley is weeks away from birth and is terrified of a baby coming out of her body. She’s also worried about how long it’ll take for Jared to see her sexually again after the gory mess of delivery. Naz is sad to be home from Africa and feels like 2022 is already off to a sad start. Good thing she’s discovered the luxury of international first class flight and the joys of orange juice! More bad things…Lauren’s having panic attacks.

Episode 260: Saving The Poochies with Bunny’s Buddies 

Release Date: 1/24/22

Description: Amanda Jo, the founder of Bunny’s Buddies, explains how her dog rescue works. Some of your favorite Bachelor personalities, like Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick, have adopted their dog’s through her non-profit. She describes the process of finding the dogs in Asia, rehabbing them, flying them to America, and matching them with the perfect owners for them. You’ll be amazed by how much money it takes to accomplish these saves each month. Amanda lets us in on why there are so many beautiful dogs, including golden retrievers, that are rescued through her organization. She also explains why she doesn’t let adoption applicants choose the breed they desire to bring into their home. 

Episode 261: Panic & Anxiety Attacks

Release Date: 1/31/22

Description: Panic attacks most commonly affect women and can often be brought on suddenly in their 20’s and 30’s. Since Lauren has developed a panic disorder over the past few months, the girls thought it would be helpful to talk to a psychiatrist. They discuss symptoms, solutions, medications and therapeutic techniques to overcome these very scary episodes not just for Lauren’s sake but for everyone struggling with this. 

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