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Faking Implants

Faking Implants

Supremely satisfied with the illusion my Bombshell bra is creating.

Supremely satisfied with the illusion my Bombshell bra is creating.

It’s so funny. Whenever I wear my Victoria’s Secret Bombshell push-up bra, which adds two cup sizes, everybody thinks I got breast implants. Nope, just a good bra. It’s all an illusion! Sorry, guys!

People also sometimes think I went under the plastic surgeon’s knife sometimes the week leading up to my period. Nope, that’s hormones.

Normally, I’m pretty average B-cup. I like the fact I can wear sticky nippies (pasties) and be pretty flat or wear my Bombshell bra and feel like Jessica Simpson. The Bombshell also comes in a strapless form, which I have and Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.56.52 PMuse when it’s necessary. It doesn’t stay up super well, but it does make your boobies look large and in charge.

I learned a trick while competing in a low level Miss USA contest (Yes, I did that once while in an Olivia Culpo phase…well, I’m always in an Olivia Culpo phase.) There’s this stuff called butt glue…yep, it’s been given the eloquent name of “butt glue”… which you can buy here. You can add some of this body adhesive glue to any swimsuit that would require you picking a wedgie every 2 minutes. And you can also use it to keep a strapless bra, like the strapless Bombshell, from annoyingly falling.

Then there are times you need to duct tape you boobs, like I did at the Batman v. Superman premiere. You can learn about this Hollywood secret Kim K is fond of using here.

Also, I just want to let you girls know, I’m not paid to speak about any of the products I review on DuchessKimberly.com. ?


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