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Hannah’s Recaps Week 6

Hannah’s Recaps Week 6

We were all about to focus on Luke P. again and his “pure marriage bed” comment, but then an hour before taping our The Bachelorette: The Morning After People Magazine broke the story about Jed having a girlfriend when leaving for Hannah’s season. It gave us a lot to talk about on a week where The Bachelorette gave us an hour worth of fluffy recapping.

The teaser for the second half of this Bachelorette season was the best content we had all week. It SEEMS as if Luke eventually slut shams Hannah for not being as virginal as he’d like. I analyze the context in which these comments were made in this week’s Cosmopolitan article: What Comes Next?

The teaser left us with one more question. Who shows up with a ring in his pocket ready to propose? Hannah definitely responds to this comment from Chris Harrison in a negative way. I speculate who this could be in this week’s FabFitFun recap.

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