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Hannah’s Season Recaps: Men Tell All

Hannah’s Season Recaps: Men Tell All

I head back to the Access couch this week to rehash the drama from Hannah’s Men Tell All… which honestly felt more like a Luke P. Tell All in my opinion. Daniella Monet adds her perspective into the mix, saying that she thinks Tyler, Jed and Peter handled the situation at the rose ceremony well, but Hannah would have been just find on her own… I mean moving that podium? MAJOR power move!! We also talk about how inconsistent Luke P was when sharing his feelings. He begs for closure then at Men Tell All, where you are suppose to be able to find your closure but he wasn’t able to be honest with himself therefore once again he came off as a calculated, manipulative narcissist. OK ENOUGH about Luke! It is obvious that they brought Mike up to the stage as a little audition for becoming the Bachelor. Daniella disagrees with me when I say that I don’t think he would be a great pick… #sorrynotsorry. We also touch on the Paradise tease, which as always did not disappoint. There was just so much to discuss! Watch it now on The Bachelorette: The Morning After.

What ever sense of self awareness Luke P had left, he lost at Men Tell All. In my Cosmopolitan recap ‘Bachelorette’ Season 15, Men Tell All Recap: Luke P. Makes History I try to understand why Luke felt the need to attend a rose ceremony he wasn’t invited to… and once again Hannah stands up for herself like the fierce Bachelorette that she is. 

I obviously am not a fan of Luke P but I do think that Hannah and even Bachelor Nation as a whole was a little hard on him at Men Tell All. I go in to specifics in my FabFitFun recap.

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