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Hannah’s Season Recaps: Week 3

Hannah’s Season Recaps: Week 3

Onyeka joins us at Access this week. She has a crush on Mike and is good friends with one of this week’s notable “interrupters,” Cam. She gives her opinion on their tension in this week’s The Bachelor: The Morning After.

Hannah’s blinders are off with Luke P. Hallelujah! She tells him she doesn’t appreciate the lack of respect he has for forming other relationships. Luke massively messed up by continuing to try to interrupt throughout the night. I explain what he should have done in my Cosmo recap: All The Worst Guys Have One Thing in Common.

I feel bad that I don’t trust Tyler C. completely at this point because he’s got a laid-back demeanor and handsome face. I discuss my hesitance in Week 3’s FabFitFun Snapchat recap.

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