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Hannah’s Season Recaps: Week 8

Hannah’s Season Recaps: Week 8

I was off from Access this week, so you’ll only get my thoughts on this week’s Bachelorette episode through two mediums. Haha. I ponder every question any Bachelorette fan could have after seeing the “____ and I fucked in a windmill” teaser in my Cosmopolitan article: Is Tyler C. Too Good To Be True?

In this week 8’s FabFitFun snapchat recap, Jared explains what he thinks Tyler meant when he said failed in his last relationship. We speak about the surprising amount of windmills in Santorini, which means that the windmill sex may not have happened in the capital of windmills, The Netherlands. Jared and I also discuss what we think Hannah should do if she ends up picking accused cheater, Jed.

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