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How to Achieve "Beach Glowy"

How to Achieve "Beach Glowy"

I must admit, I’m #blessed to be one of those people who look good a little sweaty. Because we were in ultra hot and humid Mexico during the taping of Bachelor in Paradise, my makeup inspiration was more JLo, less Kim K. *Gasp* During the daytime especially, I wanted a more natural “beach glowy” look. In those high temps, it was hard to wear makeup at peak sun hours. Some annoying people will say, “Then why did you?” Oh, I don’t know, maybe because I’m on a show watched by 5.5 million people and I have acne spotting.


Back in episode one, Lauren was smoothing my foundation’s demarkation line and I dropped the term “beach glowy.” I certainly didn’t coin this term and it certainly doesn’t look like ? as Lauren suggests. It actually looks pretty ?.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 12.53.18 PM

On After Paradise, they joked it takes a lot of product to achieve “beach glowy” and I must admit! It does! Sometimes a natural makeup look can take just as many products (or more!) to attain as a high glam look. However, you don’t have to search multiple places to find the items you need to accomplish “beach glowy.” One cosmetic line alone has it all: Becca Cosmetics. Just visiting their site and seeing the way their models are made up will convince you that Becca is your go-to summer makeup line.


I reached out to Becca (NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND) and told them how much I loved how JLo-y their makeup makes you look and they sent me this amazing package of goodies. Let me break down my favorites, which you can order online and at most Sephoras…

-I’ve already discussed my love for Becca’s cheekbone enhancing Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pressed Opal on this blog many times. See: HERE and HERE. People are losing their minds over the new Jaclyn Hill created shade “Champagne Pop” so you may wanna give that a whirl. I used the liquid variety when I wanted a dewy, milker look. It’s more subtle.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 2.10.35 PMBeach Tint: I use the Red Hot shade. You know how sometimes a flushed, sunburn on your cheeks can be kinda sexy? This product helps achieve that look when you don’t want to damage your skin, which should be always obviously. It will look most natural paired with the Bronzing Skin Perfector (see below). You want a mix of a fake burn with a fake tan. Beach Tint is also designed for lips. I’d dab a bit on top of nude lipstick if I was looking too ghostly. It’s also good for faking that I-just-made-out swollen look, which I rarely ever had in Paradise………

Bronzing Skin Perfector: At first I was afraid this would make me breakout. I don’t like experimenting with creams and liquids much because of this, but Perfector didn’t mess with my clear skin. They call it a primer, but you can put it under or over your foundation or alone. You can use it as an overall bronzer or as a face sculpting contour product. On top of that, it blurs imperfections beautifully requiring less foundation. I loved using this product doing the day when I wanted a softer contour. It looks like the sun gave you angles, not a Kardashian makeup artist.

Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme: Relaxed “beach-glowy” and under eye circles doScreen Shot 2015-08-28 at 2.11.10 PM not go together. You’re supposed to look completely rested even if your sleeping in an outdoor cabana being eaten alive by bugs. This full coverage, yellow toned concealer does the trick without creasing! Honestly, I never wore under eye concealer until I found this one. I normally think they look creasy, cake-y, or dry under my eyes. My Maybelline foundation did a good enough job acting as concealer, but I love this stuff. Clare Crawley does too. She wanted to steal it from me. Didn’t you do enough stealing from me in Paradise, Clare? I KID!!! I KID!!! (If you take that seriously, I’ll cut you.) She bought her own when she got home from Paradise.

Other wonderful Becca Cosmetic products I used in Paradise include: Under Eye Brightening Corrector, Eye Tint in Golden Bronze, Creme Eyeliner in Matte Brown, and Lip Shimmer Souffle in Raspberry.

  • Sherri
    Posted at 02:09h, 29 August

    I want everything from this post!! I have a serious problem with buying makeup, especially highlights lol they’re my favorite part of my routine. One quick question – what shade do you use in the concealing creme?

  • tjoy711
    Posted at 18:56h, 30 August

    Can you tell me if you get this   

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    From:”Duchess Kimberly” Date:Fri, Aug 28, 2015 at 2:25 PM Subject:[New post] How to Achieve “Beach Glowy”

    ashleyiaconetti posted: “I must admit, I’m #blessed to be one of those people who look good a little sweaty. Because we were in ultra hot and humid Mexico during the taping of Bachelor in Paradise, my makeup inspiration was more JLo, less Kim K. During the daytime especially, I w”

  • Sarah
    Posted at 15:59h, 31 August

    Hey Ashley! Love your blog (and Bachelor/ Bachelor in Paradise is my guilty pleasure) so you could say I’m a fan 🙂 I’m also a fellow adult who struggles with breakouts – so I can relate to your concerns about a lot of products. Anyway, I have question about cream blushes and bronzers, cream highlighters, ect and I feel like you’re the one to ask! I’ve always used powder bronzers and blushes so the the cream stuff is a little over my head. Do cream products work over a powder foundation or do they need to be used on top of a liquid foundation? I usually use a CC cream for foundation, followed with a little powder – would you suggest using my CC cream first, followed by the cream bronzer/ blush/ highlighters and then using powder over it? Or skip the powder all together? Or something else? Ah! Clearly I’m a novice. Your input would be much appreciated 🙂

    Also, on an unrelated note – have you tried oil cleansing? I know it sounds counter intuitive but it has literally cleared up my skin! It’s crazy. If you haven’t tried yet, you should give it a go. I use this stuff: http://www.sierrasageorganics.com/facewashwithcalendulaflowers.aspx

    • ashleyiaconetti
      Posted at 01:02h, 26 March

      Hi Sarah! Thank you for your kind words. I wouldn’t put cream on top of powder foundation, but other than that you can do all the mixing you want. I totally believe in oil cleansing! However, I’m currently obsessed with Rodan and Fields Soothe line.

  • Carly
    Posted at 13:01h, 02 September

    Okay so first of all I am so pumped that you have a blog. Since day 1 Chris’s season I was like umm that girl’s my fav cause she gets makeup? Seriously probably paid more attention to your face/products/hair than I did the shows….lol…
    Anywayyyy, that being said, WHERE did you find the vanity mirror you used on BIP?! I’ve seriously been looking for one exactly like it for months so when I saw it I was like omg where. Tell me!!!!

  • armig
    Posted at 04:46h, 03 September

    Ashley, what’s the lipstick color you’re wearing in the makeup look at the rose ceremony with the blue dress?? obsessed!

  • RK
    Posted at 14:33h, 09 September

    what color of the becca concealer do you use? I’m really interested in buying it but I have to blind buy it online and I think we may have similar skintones. Also have you tried the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer and if so how do you think it compares to that?

  • Kiss & Make-up
    Posted at 12:01h, 17 September

    I’m ALWAYS beach glowy thanks to my overly shiny skin, lol…

  • Danielle Marie (@dnyelmrie)
    Posted at 02:57h, 21 September

    So, I totally think your make-up looked fantastic throughout the show! Also, have you tried Unblemish to help your skin? I LOVE it, and can set you up with some! It cleared up my skin, and now I am using some of their other lines for sun damage and wrinkles!! daniellecevallos.myrandf.com

    • ashleyiaconetti
      Posted at 00:58h, 26 March

      I just started using Soothe. I love it!

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