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I Don’t Get It Podcast: Episode 126

I Don’t Get It Podcast: Episode 126

Episode 126: Adulting – Why wasn’t there a class in high school and college called The Real World 101? At 31, I’m still trying to understand insurance, mortgages, and interest rates. I can’t imagine buying something over $2k without asking my parents if it’s a good investment. When Jared and I recently went to look at a house for sale, I had to have my dad write out the pluses and minuses of buying at our age and current financial state. Naz chats in this episode about how she’s trying to figure out if she should buy a new car, but doesn’t know how to shop for it without her dad. Plus! Some random chitchat about the origin of makeup and how I don’t get the popularity of duvets …because we’re random like that!

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