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I Don’t Get It Podcast: Episode 129

I Don’t Get It Podcast: Episode 129

Episode 129: Body image with Kristina Zias It seems like in today’s society your Instagram defines your whole identity which leads to massive amounts of insecurities when it comes to posting a picture. This week Naz, Lauren and I talk to my friend, Kristina Zias, on the podcast about body image and her journey as a curve model. Kristina takes us through what it was like trying to find a wedding dress as a woman who isn’t a sample size and isn’t looking to be one. Spoiler alert: It’s not easy even though 68% of women in the USA are a size 14 or above! If you’ve yet to find out first hand, through listening to this podcast you’ll realize how unfair the world of fashion is for plus-size or even mid-size women. When she was younger, she didn’t embrace her body. The 31-year-old curve model explains how she was able to love herself and her body throughout her twenties. She eats well and exercises five times a week and is very healthy, but sometimes members of her family still make little remarks. If you’ve ever complained about a body part (that’s 99% of you), listen to the podcast below for your mental health.

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