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I Don’t Get It Podcast: Episode 131

I Don’t Get It Podcast: Episode 131

Episode 131: Jonas & Cruises – We’re trying to develop a pattern with the podcast. We’re going to alternate between  podcasts that we aim to be a bit more inspirational/educational and ramble episodes, like this one. Naz just got back from her family cruise and if you are a regular listener then you know that Lauren and I are cruise EXPERTS. Naz tells us about her trip and we all try to articulate what we need on a cruise for a good time. We compare different ships and cruise lines, reminisce on our cruise memories and obviously, talk about the food. Why is it that you never hit up buffets around your town but on cruises, they are all the rage and not looked at as classless. Moving on to other topics, I discuss how little I care about getting fancy wedding shoes and what the heck I’m going to use as my something borrowed, something old, something new, and something blue.  Lauren is moving out soon and we discuss how shitty it is searching for apartments in LA that have weirdly colored 70s tile. Naz updates us on her latest date with her Mr. Big and how odd she felt after it. At the end, we talk a little bit about the Amazon Jonas documentary and all agree that #JusticeforKevin has been served.

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