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I Don’t Get It Podcast: Episode 133

I Don’t Get It Podcast: Episode 133

Episode 133: Corn Porn – I wasn’t on the podcast this week but Lauren and Naz brought it back to the basics and discussed “I Don’t Get Its” that they have been thinking about lately with “Feminist Rants Lizzie” and her boyfriend Patrick. Lauren brought up an “I Don’t Get It” about the new reboot of The Hills. Naz can literally not wrap her head around how we never watched the show growing up because apparently everyone was watching it. Well fast forward to now, The Hills is returning to MTV and Lauren and I are left completely out of the loop. They also talk about back in the days of Blockbuster what it must have been like to rent porn, now that it is so easily accessible online I can only imagine what type of people were renting it in store. Finally, they asked Lizzie and Patrick what their “I Don’t Get Its” are about each other and Patrick immediately said he doesn’t get how scrolling through social media is one of the things Lizzie does to relax. Now all those are just just the highlights, this episode is packed with “I Don’t Get Its” that had me wishing I was there to chime in.

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