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I Don’t Get It Podcast (Episodes 12-19)

I Don’t Get It Podcast (Episodes 12-19)

I find myself saying “I Don’t Get It” at least once a day. I’m never referring to a math problem. I’m 90 percent referring to a male’s behavior. But sometimes it’s something else, like the appeal of Coachella, binge drinking, or morning people. My sister, Lauren, and my best friend, Naz, and I get together once a week to discuss these topics we “don’t get.” Our hope is that you “get us” and are nodding along and laughing on your commute or at your desk feeling as if you were at our kitchen table with us. (We record around the kitchen table. ;))

New episodes are uploaded to iTunes every Tuesday. Please subscribe HERE so that the new podcast is delivered to you automatically each week. For non-iTunes users, you can find the podcast’s homepage or here on ByAshleyi.com

We LOVE hearing from our listeners. Please leave comments and suggestions for future podcast topics in the comments section below or tweet me at @ashleyiaco.

Episode 12: Going Out on the Town & Getting Tipsy

Episode 13: Embarrassing Bachelor Journal & Diaries

Episode 14: When Is the Ideal Time for a Relationship in the Millennial Age?

Episode 15: I Don’t Get You – Sisters Edition

Episode 16: He Didn’t Like My Instagram

Episode 17: Coachella…We Don’t Get It

Episode 18: Why Is He With Her? Celebrity Couples We Do & Do Not Get

Episode 19: Kids These Days


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