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I Don’t Get It Podcast: Episodes 20 & 21

I Don’t Get It Podcast: Episodes 20 & 21

Episode 20: Losing My Virginity & Other Sex Secrets – As a virgin, I love hearing people the tell the stories of their first sexual experience. It’s nice that I don’t have to relive my own awkward first time story while listening to theirs. I just brace myself for the future. I think because it’s sort of uncharted territory for me, I find it especially fascinating. But that’s not to say I’m totally innocent. I share my first experiences with doing other things on this episode of the I Don’t Get It podcast, while Naz, Lauren, Sarah Vendal (Bachelor alum), and Danielle Lombard (Bachelor alum) tell their first time stories.

Episode 21: Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood – Coming off the last episode, it’s obvious that pregnancy is far in my future. Lauren, Naz, and I couldn’t possibly “get” the changes the body goes through during pregnancy and the stress the body goes through during delivery. To explain all these foreign feeling, we got Mrs. Jade Tolbert on the phone. She’s experiencing all these changes for the first time now six months pregnant with a baby girl. Since Jade has yet to actually give birth, we call my cousin, Kristina, a mom of two to discuss the mess, the horrors and the beauty that is delivery.

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