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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – April 2020

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – April 2020

Release Date: 4/5/20

Synopsis: We’ve all heard a story of women that have given birth in a public restroom or in the back of a car not knowing they were preggers, but we didn’t know there were “I Don’t Get It” listeners that have had similar experiences! Like, a list of listeners! On this week’s I Don’t Get It Podcast we invite four callers onto the show that gave birth to full term babies, without ever knowing they were pregnant. They all have unique stories and reasons as to why they never realized they were pregnant. Also stay tuned for later in the episode when Naz reveals which suitor she will choose for the first week of The Suitress.

Release Date: 4/13/20

Synopsis: Inspired by an article in Rolling Stone tilted “Why COVID-19 Will Inevitably Lead to More Break-ups” the girls decided to talk to women whose relationships have been affected by quarantine. From a break-up to a mother doing it all to possibly the first woman to have been dumped via Zoom, this podcast paints the picture of what life is like, during lockdown, for people in relationships. Jared also guest joins and Ashley and Jared share what’s been bothering them during quarantine.

Release Date: 4/20/20

Synopsis: As it’s not become a yearly tradition, the men have taken over the I Don’t Get It podcast. This time, Jared Haibon, Arie Luyendyk, Tanner Tolbert, and Ben Higgins meet up on Zoom to discuss quarantining with their significant others, their kids, and in-laws. The guys vent about their wives’ habits and rituals. They talk about the gross things they do in front of each other how it affects their sex life. Plus! The dudes talk about the things they know they can do to better their relationships but still haven’t taken the effort to do.

Release Date: 4/27/20

Synopsis: Netflix’ new reality show, Too Hot To Handle, puts young, sexy singles on a Mexican beach together and prohibits them from hooking up without penalty. The girls chat with show’s sweetheart David about where his relationship with castmate Lydia stands now, and whether or not he’s actually kissed anyone else on the show – this part’s juicy! Chloe also joins the conversation and spills on whether or not she likes Francesca, explains what exactly a GEEZER is, and if the show helped to change her dating life IRL! If you’re a fan of THTH then this is a must-listen!

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