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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – August 2019

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – August 2019

I Don’t Get Podcast Episodes From August 2019

Release Date: 8/5/19

Synopsis: Ashley & Jared do this podcast to kick off their wedding weekend. They discuss the frustrations of not being able to enjoy their end of their engagement because they’re swamped with logistics and invoices. They debate the importance of accomplishing their dreams vs. family time. They both cry during this conversation. The soon-to-be married couple takes listener questions about relationships and while giving advice, they also give insight to their own love.

Release Date: 8/12/19

Synopsis: One thing we DEFINITELY get, are pets. Our I don’t get it this week though, is the world of pet influencers. Some of today’s most popular influencers are pets. Pets are so popular on social media that they often outperform humans, according to “The New York Times.” So the girls are joined by top 5 pet influencer DOUG THE PUG and his manager Leslie. They discuss how Doug went viral, who he’s dating, the celebrities that love him, and how he keeps up with having close to 4 million followers on IG!

Release Date: 8/19/19

Synopsis: On this episode the girls talk about Naz’s pet peeves about dating apps, what makes you pee your pants as an adult, how Leonardo DiCaprio has the ability to lose 20 pounds and 20 years off his appearance for a red carpet event, how good you feel when you hear the opening music to sex and the city, and does Ashley think about divorce now that she is a married woman.

Release Date: 8/26/19

Synopsis: Going on Bachelor in Paradise and leaving without a rose or partner can be very difficult. People don’t know how hard it is to go back home to normal life after experiencing heartbreak. Bibiana Julian comes on this weeks podcast to talk about her experience dating on and off the  show, her depression, as well as what she does to help herself get out of a dark place in life.


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