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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes– August 2020

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes– August 2020

Episode. 187: I Don’t Get What The Birth Control Pill Does…Besides The Obvious

Release Date: 8/6/20

Synopsis: Nutritional biochemist & naturopathic physician Dr. Jolene Brighten joins the girls this week to discuss the effects the pill has on the female body. She is a leader in educating women on balancing their hormones through a healthy lifestyle without use of synthetic. (ii.e. kind of fake) hormones. In this podcast episode, Dr. Brighten explains how the pill is like a mask for underlying hormonal issues that cause period pain, acne, period regulation, endometriosis, etc. The pill turns off the conversation between the reproductive system with the brain and how this can lead to problems with fertility. If you’ve ever been on the pill or have considered being on hormonal birth control, you’re going to be fascinated and feel more empowered about the choices you make for your body after listening to this.

Episode 188: Folklore

Release Date: 8/10/20

Synopsis: Taylor Swift stan Oscar Gracey joins the podcast this week to do a track by track analysis of Folklore. Based on his research, Oscar reveals what each song is rumored to be about. For anyone confused about the love triangle story on the album, we’ve got it almost all figured out.

Episode. 189: Plant People

Release Date: 8/17/20

Synopsis: In this ramble episode, the girls laugh about some people’s pronunciation of the word pink and Lauren’s intolerance to watering plants. They also debate whether or not men text women for just friendship. Plus! Fries on salad as they do in Pittsburgh…is it an I Don’t Get It or an I Totally Get It!?

Episode 190: Emotion vs. Logic With Nick Viall

Release Date: 8/24/20

Synopsis: Nick Viall has been answering relationship questions on Instagram and his podcast, The Viall Files, for a bit now. He comes on to debate some of his most pragmatic opinions against Ashley and Naz’s emotional hearts. The group discusses if getting over someone is a choice and his famous statement that Ashley was never going to be with Jared. The girls get a real awakening moment when Nick points out a huge difference between men and women’s mentalities during the first couple of dates. Plus! Which heartbreak got Nick to think so logically about relationships?

Episode. 191: Occupational Series – Phone Sex Operator

Release Date: 9/4/20

Synopsis: The girls bring back the occupational series to chat with Cidney Green, a phone-sex operator who is the founder of MobileMoney365 and makes up to $150k a year on services like NiteFlirt. According to The Cut, because of Covid, the demand for phone-sex is rising. Cidney demonstrates how she changes her persona for her clientele and even fakes an orgasm for us. Move over, Meg Ryan!

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