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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – December 2019

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – December 2019

I Don’t Get Podcast Episodes From December 2019

Release Date: 12/2/19

Synopsis: Dr. Iaconetti is on the podcast this week and is answering listener health questions. He addresses the new use of ketamine treating depression, what a normal day looks like inside a hospital, and do redheads actually need more anesthesia for surgery? If you’re like me and wondering what the difference between a stroke, an aneurysm, and a pulmonary embolism is, you’ll learn during this episode.

Release Date: 12/9/19

Synopsis: Some of the things we don’t get in life are sometimes things that are simply overrated. Like, lingerie, growing up, or pool parties when you’re a kid. We live in a world where everything is hyped, and few things deliver. In this episode, Naz, Lauren, and I discuss the things in life they think are overrated. And for the record, this episode not being one of them!

Release Date: 12/16/19

Synopsis: I was hesitant to do this episode without insane catfish stories. I tend to think that being Catfished is being a combination of very hopeful and completely naive. I was being just this when I was catfished by a Jesse McCartney impersonator. Lauren also shares some very personal information about Nev Schulman (whom she dated), the creator if the show Catfish!

Release Date: 12/23/19

Synopsis: Join us today on this wonderful holiday week for celebration. Hear why we don’t get why the magic of receiving gifts has gone away as adults. Also, how does someone get the gift of gift giving? I speak about the strange phenomenon of never being able to hear what our American accent sounds like to people from other countries! Plus! Is Harrison Ford the most overrated sex symbol? Will this Little Women live up to the 1994 version. All this on this weeks IDGI podcast!


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