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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – December 2020

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – December 2020

Episode 205: From The Dawn Of Time Ramble

Release Date: 12/7/20

Synopsis: Naz addresses her feelings about Chasen’s run on The Bachelorette. Remember, he was supposed to be in her finale of The Suitress months before filming Clare/Tayshia’s season?! Lauren explains how she casted him for The Suitress. Other ramble topics include: Lauren and Ashley’s dislike for Sam Smith’s voice, Lauren makes a big life step and calls(!) a bakery to order a cake, and why evolution has made giving birth harder. 

Bonus Episode: Bachelorette Recap with Sydney & Emily 

Release Date: 12/8/20

Synopsis: On today’s episode sponsored by Pantene, the girls sit down with Sydney Lotuaco & Emily Ferguson to dissect this week’s episode of The Bachelorette and Tayshia’s season overall. Sydney reveals how Tayshia is doing, if she’s happy she did the show, and if she has any regrets. Emily spills the tea on her engagement status. The girls also discuss who their top 3 are, how this season compares to past ones, and their experiences on The Bachelor Franchise. Tune in for this unique podcast dedicated to all things Bachelorette from the I Don’t Get It gang, brought to you by Pantene!

Episode 206: Sperm Donors & The People Who Use Them

Release Date: 12/15/20

Synopsis: The girls explore a sect of the fertility world they have yet to learn about through the podcast. In this episode they interview a sperm donor whose sperm was such a popular choice amongst people trying to conceive that he had to retire from donating. They speak with a woman who is currently pregnant with sperm from a donor. She and her husband decided to use a donor because IVF was their only option after he became paralyzed after an accident. The IDGI ladies chat with a lesbian woman who hopes to one day carry a child thanks to a sperm donor on she and her wife’s behalf. The last interview is with a 20-something who found out that she and her twin sister were the result of a sperm donor, not their father, because of a 23 & Me test!

Episode 207: My Neighbor and His Two Boyfriends

Release Date: 12/21/20

Synopsis: The IDGI girls explore what it’s like to be in a throuple. Ashley’s neighbors lived as three men in one relationship for two years. Recently the trouple became a couple. The men discuss how their throuple formed and why it broke apart. They describe the challenges and rewards of being in a throuple. How much jealousy is involved? Is sex always as part of a threesome? Are there times when one of the crew is the odd one out? All these questions are answered in this last episode of 2020.

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