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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – February 2020

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – February 2020

Release Date: 2/3/20

Synopsis: Scheana Shay of the Vanderpump Rules cast joins us this week. We talk about the perception that she’s boy crazy, her past with The Bachelor’s Robby Hayes, and her other undercover celebrity hookups. Lauren and Ashley discuss with Sheana her decision to go through multiple cycles to freeze her eggs. We find out if she still serves at the Vanderpump restaurants and what she finds most frustrating about her show. Plus, we talk about the time she worked with the Jonas Brothers as a pizza girl and the “work” she’s had done.

Release Date: 2/10/20

Synopsis: Ashley reads a hilarious review of a sex toy and Naz tells us a simple trick to get a booty call to respond. The girls discuss the potential for Jen and Brad to get back together, as well as the enchanter that is Matthew McConaughey. Ashley talks about her baby names. The girls discuss whether it’s rude to wake up someone on a plane if you have to get by to use the bathroom and if it’s okay to compensate for a friend that’s a bad tipper at a restaurant.

Release Date: 2/13/20

Synopsis: A bonus Galentines episode this week! The I Don’t Get It girls take it live! They answer questions from the audience and read listeners personal I-don’t-get-its. Krystal Nielson shares her wisdom on self-love & health. We wonder what to do if your significant other doesn’t think dinner is complete without a carb and you know you need to incorporate more greens? How do you not succumb to food peer pressure?! Plus, Krystal tells us about the sexy voice she used with Arie on The Bachelor.

Release Date: 2/16/20

Synopsis: Claire Bryne, a heartbreak coach comes on this week’s episode to answer listener questions as well as giving remedies on how to get over a break up the healthy way. Claire writes for Poosh and also has her own podcast called “How to stop wanting him back.” Claire talks about her major heartbreak that led her to helping others get over their major heartbreaks.

Release Date: 2/23/20

Synopsis: Ashley, Naz, and Lauren ramble about Justin and Hailey Bieber’s relationship, the airline chair recline debate, and the existence of pretzels. They talk lube and Girl Scout cookies. They question, “Why are box flowers all the rage? “Why don’t we call the gym the health club anymore?” “Why do people walk puppies without a leash in the city?” and “Why don’t people help with lifting luggage at the airport?”


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