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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – January 2020

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – January 2020

Release Date: 1/6/20

Synopsis: HAPPY NEW YEAR DG’ERS! We want to thank you for joining us in what is the start of the FOURTH YEAR of the I Don’t Get It Podcast! Now that’s something we truly don’t get it, but are super grateful for. We start this year off by bringing back our occupational series and talking to Life Coach Kaitlyn Herman! From manifesting that guy you want to the power of positive thinking and answering things like what in the actual fuck is a funk?! This is the episode you want to start the year off with.

Release Date: 1/12/20

Synopsis: The girls explore the world of surrogacy and all it encompasses. First joined by a surrogate who has carried three children who are not her own and then we’re joined by a couple expecting their first born via surrogate. If you’ve ever wondered how much money surrogates make for their services, what it’s like emotionally to hand over a baby you just carried for 9 months, or if it’s weird to have another couple’s embryo implanted in your body, you’ve got to listen to this podcast episode.

Release Date: 1/19/20

Synopsis: Heather McDonald from Chelsea Lately & the Juicy Scoop podcast stops by to chat with Ashley, Lauren, and Naz. They discuss everything from her “I don’t get its” including matching mommy and daughter outfits, Busy Phillips and her dramatic firing from E!, Megan and Harry leaving the royal palace, and of course, sex. Heather opens up about how it is being a loud, outgoing, funny girl in a relationship. Tune in for one of the most unfiltered episodes of I Don’t Get It ever!

Release Date: 1/27/20

Synopsis: It seems like prenups are a thing that people get so judgmental about. Some relationships break over them. What do you do if you’re in a serious relationship and one of you has significantly more money than the other? What do you do if you have about the same amount of money? What do you do if you have a different relationship with money and spending than your partner? This podcast will hopefully help guide you on the proper financial path before you contractually bind yourself to another’s portfolio.

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