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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – June 2020

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – June 2020

Release Date: 6/1/20

Synopsis: Ashley, Lauren, and Naz ramble about binging Sex & The City, Tom Selleck’s facial hair, and hair blow dryers. Ashley & Lauren take fan questions and use them to interview the final two men on The Suitress. Except…there’s a twist as there is in every reality show. Tune into the most dramatic (and only) finale of The Suitress in history!!! Will Naz pick Suitor #6 or Suitor #7!?

Release Date: 6/9/20

Synopsis: Robin DiAngelo, an academic, educator, and author of the New York Times best-selling book White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People to Talk About Racism joins Ashley, Lauren, and Naz to talk about the definition of white fragility. They discuss how Robin defines a racist, along with socialization, white supremacy, white progressives, and performative activism, among other things that all contribute to keeping racism in place.

Release Date: 6/15/20

Synopsis: Does Kybella really dissolve your double chin? Is Botox weakening the muscles in my forehead and will mess me up down the road? Should I not get breast implants before I get pregnant? Do implants make it harder to catch breast cancer? Are the Kardashian’s shapes really made in the gym? What cosmetic procedures are on the horizon? Beverly Hills plastic double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Galanis answers all these questions and more!

Release Date: 6/22/20

Synopsis: The girls ramble about the annoying need to eat well and exercise for the rest of their life for the sake of their health. It’s like brushing your teeth, a day will never come where it ceases to be the right thing for you to do for your body. Healthy can come in all shapes and sizes though! Healthy isn’t necessarily a “straight” size. We speak with Project Runway Winner Ashley Nell Tipton about size inclusivity in the fashion industry. She debunks the claim that need for more material leads brands to charge bigger women more for their clothing. Plus! She explains her opinion on fast fashion and her collection of artsy masks.

Release Date: 6/29/20

Synopsis: Kaitlyn Bristowe comes on this week to chat about how you don’t need to be initially attracted to a guy in order to go out on a date with him, after all, it took 3 weeks for Kaitlyn to realize she wanted to be with her beau Jason Tartick. Kaitlyn teases that the next song she’s going to release is all about her love for Jason. The four girls play “Who would you rather” with Bachelor alumnis.

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