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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – March 2020

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – March 2020

Release date: 3/1/20

Synopsis: Educational Youtube star and OB/GYN Dr. Mama Jones joins the girls this week to answer all the things you didn’t know about labor and delivery and the “fourth trimester.” Did you know you have to deliver the placenta after you deliver the baby? How much blood is there on the floor of the delivery room? How much do you bleed after into maternity diapers? How often does a episiotomy have to be performed and how intense of a cut is it? You’ll get these answers and more. 

Release Date: 3/9/20

Synopsis: The girls talk about Ashley’s thrifty tendencies, like bringing her own stinky, prepared meals into the movie theater. Get the inside scoop on Naz’s most recent dates. Lauren gets ratted out on her tendency to lie about the smallest things, like parking tickets and post office runs. These are now referred to as “Lauren’s Oopsies.”  Naz also discusses her audition for the show ‘Love is Blind’ with the girls and how she is considering being on season two.

Release Date: 3/15/20

Synopsis: Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton met on Netflix’s new show Love is Blind and have now been married for over a year. They explain what it was like to date in the show’s solitary pods. The happy couple reveals how much producer involvement they experienced in their on-air conversations. Lauren and Cam tell the girls about some of the scenes that were cut out of the 11 episode series. Plus, they talk about how they prepared for Love Is Blind by watching The Bachelor.

Release Date: 3/22/20

Synopsis: In this modern age increasing amounts of women are believing that proposing marriage is not an act that should be automatically given to men. We speak to women who have propose to their boyfriend. We see that some did it for equality reasons and some were just tired of waiting around for their boyfriend to do it. We ask these women about how their boyfriend felt about being proposed to and how their families reacted to defying tradition. Did they get down on one knee? The women seemed to really think the move through.

Release Date: 3/29/20

Synopsis: It’s been a while since we’ve taken questions from fans, so we figured hey, why not? From our thoughts on dirty talk in bed to our take on Kim, Kanye & Taylor’s regurgitated fight to whether it’s appropriate or not you should delete photos of your ex off your IG! Also, they announce a new digital show Ashley and Lauren are producing to help Naz find her person! Plus! Totalllllyyy getting Brad Pitt and seeing a former crush interview the president. So sit back, grab your favorite beverage and join us for this big girl talk episode.

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