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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – May 2020

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – May 2020

Release Date:  5/4/20

Synopsis: We know you watched Tiger King. On this week’s IDGI Podcast, we get the inside scoop from Joe Exotic’s current husband, Dillon Passage. Dillon gives us a recent update on how Joe is doing in prison, and everything he did that landed himself there. He also shares the sweet moments we didn’t get to see in the Netflix show, like the moment Joe proposed. He reveals whether or not he plans to wait for Joe to get released from prison or if he’s going to start dating soon. Separately, Naz explains how she had to be extremely blunt and straightforward with a guy she’s been virtually dating! She was done with his small talk. You’ve got to listen to find out if the tactic worked.

Release Date: 5/11/20

Synopsis: The I Don’t Get it girls are experimenting this week by combining drinking with podcasting. The three ladies don’t drink often, so things quickly spiral out of control, with the liquor hitting them fast. Experimental Results: The beginning stages of the podcast are fun, with clean conversations about their drinking history, and stories of drinking on The Bachelor. Later in the episode, as lips get looser, the effects set in, and the ladies turn the topic of conversation to “showers vs. growers,” museum dicks, and how alcohol gets their juices flowing!

Episode 176: The Suitress- Round 2

Release Date: 5/18/20

Synopsis: Ashley and Lauren have been setting Naz up on virtual, truly BLIND dates and broadcasting the dates on Ashley’s Instagram Live and YouTube. Naz has dated 8 men over the phone without knowing what they look like and she has narrowed it down to the final four. Those final four men are on the podcast today where Naz will have ten minute conversations with each suitor, which will help her narrow it down to just one or two men! We’re playing it by ear, people! There are some cringey moments, as well as sweet moments that make for a great listen even if you haven’t kept up with the prior dates. If you like The Bachelorette or Love Is Blind, you’re going to enjoy this!

Episode 177: Chad Johnson’s Johnson

Release Date: 5/25/20

Synopsis: We all know Chad Johnson as the unfiltered, meat-eating, contestant from JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette, as well as infamously telling Chris Harrison to fuck off, but Chad has a new business venture that might just be his true calling. Chad has found success being a porn star on the app, OnlyFans. Chad comes on the podcast this week to tell the girls everything from how he prepares for a shoot and how much money he makes each month off of it to which Bachelor contestants would be in his dream porno and the Hugh Hefner porn palace he pans to put together in Vegas. Per usual, Chad is raw and doesn’t hold back anything…even the things he probably should.

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