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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – November 2019

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – November 2019

I Don’t Get Podcast Episodes From November 2019

Release Date: 11/5/19

Synopsis: The girls discuss what it would be like to be unexpectedly expecting a baby. This discussion leads to questioning whether or not Ashley pregnant!? She recently went to the gyno to check on the health of her eggs! Naz learns what “Goalie” really means and Lauren cries because she saw an image of her younger self in the trunk of a tree. You’ll have to listen to “get it.” Oh, and they all figure out they don’t get turkey legs and why people only eat them at amusement parks!

Release Date: 11/10/19

Synopsis: Amanda describes what it was like to be at Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane’s wedding. She reveals if she has an ex that was upset about the dirty details in her new book Now Accepting Roses. The fashion designer chats about drawing up ideas for her clothing line, Lani The Label, and gives us tips to pack the perfect suitcase. The fourth place finisher on Ben Higgins’s season of The Bachelor explains how her beauty routine is a lot more tame than it might seem. You’ll have to listen to see what she says about rumored love interest Brandon Fitzpatrick.

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