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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – November 2020

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – November 2020

Episode 200: 200th Episode Celebration

Release Date: 11/2/20

Synopsis: In celebration of I Don’t Get It’s 200th episode, listeners from day #1 join us to reminisce on the show’s funniest moments and share their I don’t get its. These listeners have some splendid I don’t get its, like why are dog bowls more expensive than human bowls and why is Harry Styles merch not very stylish? Also who are you people who don’t sit on the couch with “outside clothes” on?! Thank you so much for tuning into the podcast for 200 weeks! We’re forever grateful for you guys for getting us. 

Episode 201: Betches Talk Bachelorette

Release Date: 11/15/20

Synopsis: The hosts of Betches’ The Betchelor Podcast, Kay Brown and Chris Burns, join the girls to talk about everything Bachelor franchise. Naz reveals her connection to Dale. Who from the male cast would they be swooned by most at a bar? Which girls would they want to swap faces with? How will Matt James handle being the lead without going through the process previously? Kay describes her friendship with Matt and a surprising trait of his that may be featured on The Bachelor. Plus, the element of the franchise Naz and Ashley think seriously needs to be shaken up!

Episode 202: Talking Hair Care With Brad Mondo

Release Date: 11/16/20

Synopsis: YouTuber and hairstylist extraordinaire, Brad Mondo, who is founderer & CEO of XMONDO Hair joins the girls on the podcast this week to answer all your hair questions. How much hair do you grow each month? Can you really mend split ends? Do you have thick or thin hair or is it actually just high or low density? How many times a week should you wash your hair? How do you keep your color intact? Is drug store shampoo horrible for you? What should we do about flakes if Head & Shoulders is really bad for our hair? All these questions are answered!  

Episode 203: Monster-In-Law

Release Date: 11/24/20

Synopsis: The holidays are a time for giving, gathering, and eating. It’s also the one time you can’t escape your in-laws. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we had some callers call in and share their monster-in-law stories! To give you a little tease, one mother-in-law thought her son’s wife was trying to hookup with her husband. If you feel like your in-laws are challenging, you’ll feel like you’ve got it easy after listening to these stories. 

Episode 204: Odd Numbers

Release Date: 11/30/20

Synopsis: Ashley talks about what it’s like having sex when the intention is to create a child, no matter if you’re in the mood for sex or not. Naz shares what she said on the podcast that ended up in a date not wanting to see her anymore. The girls also discuss trying a cigarette for the first time (Not Ashley), putting in a tampon accidentally when you already have one in, and setting the television volume to the perfect number.

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