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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – September 2019

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – September 2019

I Don’t Get Podcast Episodes From September 2019

Release Date: 9/2/19

Synopsis: Oscar Gracey, professional STAN joins Ashley and Lauren on this week’s episode to discuss Taylor Swift’s new album, Lover. Oscar tells us the inside scoop on his recent meeting with Taylor, as well as some of the undercover meanings her songs have. Oscar tells us about a recent heartbreak in his life and how Taylor is helping him heal along the way. We STAN Oscar.

Release Date: 9/9/19

Synopsis: The girls discuss the wedding of Ashley and Jared. Ashley says the last line of her vows that made everyone in the room need a tissue, Naz talks about the cute guy she met at the the rehearsal dinner and Lauren discloses how the speech she was so nervous to give finally went. The girls are also on the hunt to find the infamous Popeyes chicken sandwich that’s “sold out” and the conspiracy behind it.

Release Date: 9/16/19

Synopsis: We are joined this week by Brain Candy Podcast host Sarah Rice, who has a masters degree in marriage and family therapy. She joins us girls for a candid conversation about her recent divorce, while also weighing in on some DG callers who shared stories of their own about why they don’t sleep in the same bed as their partners.

Release Date: 9/23/19

Synopsis: Naz learned a lot about herself at a writing retreat she went to and enlightens Lauren and listeners, about parts of her life that aren’t picture perfect. Lauren talks about her birthday and the one thing she wanted, but didn’t get. Naz also had a first date last week that ended in a very bizarre note.

Release Date: 9/30/19

Synopsis: It’s ovarian cancer awareness month, but most of you probably don’t know that as this disease never gets spoken about enough. It’s called the silent killer and that’s because it’s symptoms are usually not noticed or checked on until it’s already in stage 3 or 4. Because of its subtle symptoms, there’s even a greater need for increased awareness and education. Sharon Blynn and Keri Toghia have each had ovarian cancer three times. Blynn is a survivor and Keri is still fighting the disease. Both women share their symptoms and experiences. Jamie Hoskins, one of Ashley and Lauren’s best friends, comes on the podcast to share the memories of her mother’s battle with ovarian cancer. This podcast is dedicated in loving memory of Mary Hoskins.


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