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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – September 2020

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – September 2020

Episode: We Get Zac Efron & McFlurries

Release Date: 9/7/20

Synopsis: The first half of this podcast episode is dedicated to the girls “get its.” Someone’s get its are another person’s “don’t get its.” The significance of hair gel, high fashion, and sparkling water is debated. The second half of the podcast Ashley & Lauren’s Uncle Robert joins the episode to chat about generational I Don’t Get Its like, long beards, and ponder what was named first, orange the fruit or orange the color?

Episode: Find Flaw Less

Release Date: 9/14/20

Synopsis: Body positivity blogger Mik Zazon shows off all her “flaws” on Instagram. We’re talking stretch marks, razor burn, acne, discoloration, and tummy rolls. Her mission is to normalize these parts of the female body that are often airbrushed over in the media. She discusses the unhealthy relationships with food and exercise she had to get over in order to live the life she does now. We hope that you love yourself more after listening to this episode and stop nitpicking about the very normal parts of your anatomy. 

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