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I Hopped Off The Plane At LAX With Sick Nails And A Beautiful Tan

I Hopped Off The Plane At LAX With Sick Nails And A Beautiful Tan

One of the first things I needed to do was build a SoCal beauty team when I moved to LA in August. I know who I trust to do my lashes, Dysport, and nails etc. in Northern Virginia (AKA home), but finding trustworthy beautians on the West Coast required a lot of Yelp research. But it wasn’t too difficult, I FullSizeRender-2mean, it’s debatably the most vain city in the world.

If you live in the LA area and are looking for some people who will help make you even prettier, here are two of favorites. More to come later this week..

Nails: ESNAIL. Holy shitotki mushrooms, guys. ESNAIL singlehandedly got me to stop biting my cuticles, which I have since elementary school. Acrylics and tips made it hard for me to bite my nails thankfully since high school, but as a replacement habit I would naw at my cuticles like it was my job.

FullSizeRenderESNAIL does such an amazing job on my nails I’m not even tempted to chew my cuticles. They shape them PERFECTLY. (I get “coffin” shaped.) I don’t know what they do differently from other nail salons, but my nails are unbreakable! I haven’t broken a nail since August! SERIOUSLY! My nails stay looking fresh longer too. I get a fill every 3 to 4 weeks. I know, it sounds impossible.

ESNAIL isn’t a walk-in type salon, so call ahead of time. They have a salon in West Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 9.52.36 PMHollywood at Melrose and Orlando and a smaller place in Beverly Hills. Gel fills at ESNAIL are $70, which I realize is pricey, but becaus
e I get my nails done so much less, it averages out.

Spray Tan: My first spray tan was this past January. I always  had a tan from the sun or embraced my whiteness. I know a spray tan would look good with the dress I picked out for Jade and Tanner’s televised wedding. Earlier that week I met Becca Tilley’s friend Crystal Fagley and we bonded over the standard things girls bond over…beauty products and boy problems. I thought, ok, I could probably strip down to a thong in the presence of this girl and not feel totally uncomfortable. So I booked an appointment and Crystal came to my apartment later that week. It took her about 40 minutes to set up, make me Paradise-status bronze, and clean up. Crystal is so friendly and personable and her tans are carefully done and bronze, not orange! I was so happy with her work. I also feel pretty cool that her other clients include past Royal Crowning honoree Kate Beckinsale. She charges $120 per session and the tan lasts about 10 days. At this price, spray tans need to stay a special occasion splurge for me.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.44.55 AM.png

Ecobrow threaded & filled, Studio Lash extensions

Brows: If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know my brows are kind of a big deal. I certainly don’t trust them with most. I have found two places that I can go to unnerved in L.A. Sublime Eyes on Sunset in West Hollywood and EcoBrow on Robertson in Beverly Hills. At Sublime Eyes you’ll find 5 gay ethnic men that really know what they’re doing when it comes to shaping brows. (Don’t go here for lash extensions. They’re crunchy and fall out quickly.) Ask for Angel or Noel. They should rename the place Heavenly Eyes. Lolz at self. It’s about $12 for a brow cleanup. (Closed Monday)

Back in the fall I wrote a blog entry on my new favorite brow tools, Ecobrow defining wax and brush. It’s the world’s most wonderful brow filler. The creator of Ecobrow, Marco Ochoa, threads brows 4 days a week in Beverly Hills for commoners, like me, and celebrity clientele. I walked right into their tiny studio and the man himself threaded my brows and then filled them in to perfection using his product. With the generous tip added in (I was a little starstruck), the total came to $45. So yeah, pricey, but beautiful results.

IMG_6355.pngLash Extensions: The biggest beauty adjustment moving to LA was not regularly getting my lashes done by Lei Ahmed at Pretty Girls Make Faces. Luckily, one of the Bachelor producers suggested a talented lash tech for me to try out. Danielle Asher, the owner of Studio Lash, has done lash extensions for Andi Dorfman, Des Siegfried (Hartstock), Becca Tilley, and me. She’s located a little over an hour outside L.A. in Ventura, CA, but for me she’s worth the trip. Danielle is the cutest, sweetest chick. Her extensions last a couple of weeks, they’re soft, full, and she follows the style you request. The studio is adorable and spa-like. You’ll fall right to sleep on her heated, cushioned table.



  • apartment136
    Posted at 19:54h, 04 April Reply

    Any chance you want to move to SW Missouri and do all this research for me? 😉

  • Julie
    Posted at 02:00h, 06 April Reply

    Can you do your fave places for eyebrows and nails in northern VA ?!

    • ashleyiaconetti
      Posted at 15:54h, 11 April Reply

      You must go to Rubina at Perfect Brows in Tysons mall. She’s THE best! Better than anyone in LA.

  • Irina DiMaio
    Posted at 03:24h, 03 August Reply

    Where is your fave place to get nails done in NJ?

  • Meagan
    Posted at 15:03h, 14 September Reply

    Where did you go to get your lashes done in northern VA or if you know anywhere in DC even better. Thanks!

  • ptp645
    Posted at 18:36h, 17 January Reply

    Hey Ashley!
    You’re one of my bachelor faves and I’m so excited to see that you’re a fellow NoVa girl! I’m looking for a new hair salon in the area, do you have any recommendations?
    Thanks! <3

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