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I Never Moisturized My Body Until…

I Never Moisturized My Body Until…


Keeping my tan with Vaseline’s Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer on my side.

…I found Vaseline’s Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer. No seriously, I never got out of the shower and thought to slather lotion all over my body… unless my shins were particularly ashy. In that case, I’d usually just rub in a bit of Vaseline jelly. Ever since seeing the first commercials for Vaseline’s Spray & Go in 2013 in which a chick rapidly sprays on moisturizer and jumps right into her jeans, I’ve thought I’ve got to try this product!!

Now it’s 2015 (unless you were unaware) and I just came back from a month in Mexico with a mocha tan and I finally got around to trying this moisturizer in a can. I’ve been using Vaseline® Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer Aloe Soothe with pure aloe for healthy, fresh skin. I’ve had no peeling or flaking since I’ve started spraying! No peeling or flaking and a long lasting tan for me! It’s now officially part of my daily beauty and skin care regimen.

You guys know how long my moisturizing routine takes on my face, so thankfully this product doesn’t add time to my process. The fast application is obvious, but the absorption is incredible. It’s absorbed in less than 10 seconds with very little rubbing in! So you can get dressed almost immediately. You know what else is cool about Vaseline’s Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer? The 360 degree spray dispenses the moisturizer evenly and you can get your back and other hard to reach spots!


I wouldn’t be raving about the convenience of this product if it fundamentally didn’t work. This stuff makes your skin SO SOFT and doesn’t give leave you with a sticky or ready feeling.

There are four different varieties to select from depending on your skin’s needs: aloe, oat, pure cocoa, and the new, fancy variety Advanced Repair, which has healing micro droplets of Vaseline droplets. This stuff is designed to repair very dry skin providing 2x the moisture of the original.

Check out http://Facebook.com/Vaseline or http://www.vaseline.us/ for more info!

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