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I Really Like Harry Styles and the Kardashians

I Really Like Harry Styles and the Kardashians

As most Bachelor fans know (and anyone who follows this blog,) I’m a fan of the Kardashians and I’m a boy band aficionado. It seems to have become my unofficial beat at Clevver News. I wanted to catch you up on some of my latest stories during my first two months as a host at Clevver.

The music video for Harry’s first solo single, “Sign of the Times” came out earlier this week. I know you’re not going to see it through those heart eyes after seeing how it was made in the video below.

I’ll be at Harry’s show September 20th at the Greek Theatre. Gonna have to hit up StubHub for those babies since his whole tour sold out in two minutes and I’m a procrastinator.

You guys, it’s documented somewhere on the internet that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles met before her Red album came out. Her song, “Come Back, Be Here” 1) completely spoke to me and I would dramatically sing it in my one bedroom apartment in grad school every chance I got and 2) has totally got to be about Harry. She talks about the pain of falling for someone in London for Pete’s sake. AND! It’s all about a recent meeting and connection. Bottom line, “Ever Since New York” has got to be his response. For more on my theory and other fans’ theories, watch the below video.

Kylie Jenner has revealed nudes! Lip colors, that is, in a collaboration with big sister, Kim!

Harry regards his new solo album as his first real writing endeavor. He calls it Heaven to be able to really take time with writing a song. Here are six things we learned about Harry’s album from his Rolling Stone cover story.

It’s so hard to be convicted of copyright infringement. Harry is going to be just fine.

I really couldn’t keep my opinions to myself on this story. This kid’s got nothing on Harry’s rendition and anyone who thinks otherwise is legit wacky.

The fall was rough for the Kimye family. But things seem to be getting better now. In this episode of the Kardashian’s Kim expresses guilt over Kanye’s hospitalization.

North West is epic. Did you see that picture Kim posted to her Instagram yesterday of Norie in timeout? She created her own spa in the bathroom and told her mom she was “chilling out.” The apple doesn’t fall far…Her dad, Kanye, didn’t take himself too seriously for once dressing up as the Easter Bunny. Check out his get-up in the video below.

Kylie is an independent woman. Her first solo endeavor as a makeup industry phenomenon has been unprecedented. Will her spin off show with her in the leading role have similar success? Will it make some of her family envious?

They didn’t give us much with this new Bachelorette promo. Is that because they’ve already introduced us to a group of Bachelorette Rachel’s men through appearances in After the Final Rose and Ellen?

Did Taylor Swift (Spotify foe) put a curse on Harry’s new single? Taylor would be one of those girls who develop Carrie-like powers after heartbreak. Sorry, I know Harry fans can’t stand that the T.Swift relationship is still being talked about four years after the relationship dissolved…

Apparently Kourtney has a new boyfriend and I can feel the heavy sadness in his chest, like I felt in Paradise.

Gonna be honest, I can’t believe how many views the below video has. Didn’t know Rosie and Sophia had such a strong fanbase.

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