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Lucy & Clark: A Story of Puppy Love

Lucy & Clark: A Story of Puppy Love

Jared and I wrote a children’s book! When we first went public as a couple, a few publishers asked if we’d be interested in writing a book based on our relationship. We felt like through “The Story of Us” we were able to convey to Bachelor Nation exactly how our relationship evolved from Bachelor in Paradise 2 to love. We thought if anything, we could write a children’s book based on the lessons we learned through our friendship turned romance. That’s then the idea of Lucy & Clark: A Story of Puppy Love was born. This book is loosely based on our love story. It’s tale of overcoming your fears and the magic that can happen when you are brave enough to get out of your comfort zone. Jared and I are represented through our beloved dogs, Lucy and Clark.

In the book, Clark is a shy, anxious dog who is afraid to say hello to other dogs at the park and make friends. A pretty, outgoing dog named Lucy asks him to play one day. This is when Clark decides he wants to change. Clark’s best friend Tanner helps him get out of his shell. You’ll have to buy the book at www.lucyandclarkbook.com to find out how Clark develops courage and what happens between him and Lucy.

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