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New Favorite Beauty Finds

New Favorite Beauty Finds

I hate when bloggers say, “A lot of you have been asking me…” It just seems like a way to start an ad, but in all seriousness, a lot of people have been asking me since first being on The Bachelor what foundation I wear. I know it sounds weird, but my favorite brand for foundation is drug store favorite, Maybelline. It never breaks me out like the Sephora brands I try.


I’ve used Maybelline’s Dream Smooth Mousse for the past five years. It was discontinued about two years ago (and claim that Dream Velvet is an upgraded replacement), but I continued to purchase it on Amazon and eBay. Recently, Maybelline released Super Stay 24H and it’s almost replaced Smooth Mousse for me. Super Stay is more dry, but the full coverage doesn’t look heavy just like Smooth Mousse. So if I’m going for the ol’ beach glowy, I’ll swipe on Mousse. But for matte looks, I’m all about the new stuff. It really does stay fresh looking pretty much all day. I like that it doesn’t emphasize my pore size.

BLENDER:Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 1.21.08 AM

I apply the foundation with another favorite new tool of mine, Sigma Cosmetics new 3DHD blender. So, I’ve never been a Beauty Blender fan. I’ve always found that foundation looked better on me when either applied with a brush or my fingers. In fact, I even deleted a portion of this very blog’s draft about foundation application after I discovered this Sigma Blender. I never got good enough coverage or a smooth application when using blenders in the past, but this one does it right! I’m not a scientist. I don’t know why it’s different. Sigma, known for its makeup brushes, says, “Our new and improved 3DHD™ Blender now has a softer texture, increased durability, and a unique shape that is a game changer when it comes to apply primer, foundation or concealer! The other unique aspect of this revamped version is that it’s inspired by the angles of our best-selling 3DHD® brushes! The edges, flat surfaces and points of our 3DHD™ Blender will help you achieve seamless all-over coverage with with ease.” SEE!! The magic must be in the design inspired by their brushes! I’m not paid to promote any of these products on this blog, so you can trust what I tell you about them!


I’ve always been a fan of Becca and Too Faced highlighter. They have great pigment and a shiny dimensions. You don’t have to put on a ton of layers to see them pop. Recently I’ve discovered Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator. To be honest, it looked like drug store makeup and the compact felt cheap. Obviously I’m not shitting on drugstore makeup. I use drugstore foundation and mascara, but the stuff you find at CVS doesn’t always have the best pigment. I was pleasantly proven wrong with just one swipe. This illuminator (highlighter, whatever you want to call it…) goes on like a powder but glows like a cream! It comes in a bunch of pretty colors and some can double as a blush. If you read the reviews on Ulta.com, you can see I’m not the only one who feels like her cheekbones stand out the most when wearing this.


The last, but absolutely not least of my new beauty finds, if LightStim. My esthetician Nari Colon at the Olga Lorencin Skin Care Clinic will sometimes put me under the LightStim For Wrinkles at the end of a facial. I was like, “Uh, does this LED light really do anything?” Nari, who has worked with Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock on the reg, is a huge fan of LightStim. This particular light reduces lines and wrinkles, but that’s not really my concern at the moment…I’ve got botox for that shit. My favorite aspect of this light is that it minimizes the appearance of pores, increases elasticity, speeds up healing (like old e6190c72583647c55f144816e6104155acne spots) and reduces inflammation! My cheek puff (which is a huge insecurity of mine which is barely noticeable to others) has gone down significantly with the use of this light 3/4 times a week. It takes about 30 minutes to hit every spot of your face for the instructed amount of time. I just do it while I watch TV before bed.

I also got the LightStim for Acne which can help heal existing breakouts and minimize future breakouts. While I no longer have active acne issues (See My 2018 Skincare Routine), I’ll get a pimple every other week. They’re not boulders, but they’re still annoying. Since I started using this LightStim I haven’t gotten a pimple. (Full discretion: I got one on of my forehead. I NEVER breakout on my forehead so I don’t waste time using my LightStim there which is why it didn’t prevent it.) If I feel a little bump coming I put the LightStim on it immediately for a couple minutes and then again a couple of hours later and it never comes to fruition. Again, my acne is very under control, but I like this as an extra precaution to keep it at bay.

My cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Jason Emer, uses a photo technology that determines the “real age” of your skin. In early February, I was read as being 27-years-old. As a 30-year-old, I happily took that result. This week, just two months later, I got my skin scanned at Dr. Emer’s again and my skin was the read as being 23-years-old. The only things I added to my skin care routine in that time are the Light Stims. I’ve been using iSClinical products for about four months and I suspect the use of these serums have also enhanced my skin’s youth, elasticity, and pigmentation. Dr. Emer, a well-known celebrity doc, uses Light Stim on his patients to reduce inflammation after performing most of his procedures. Read all about the science behind LightStim at https://www.lightstim.com.


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