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Ok, Now I Get What All The Fuss Is About

Ok, Now I Get What All The Fuss Is About

Unblemish Results

Unblemish Results

Throughout the two years I’ve had this blog I’ve switched up my skincare process a few times, but kept my prescriptions and Pan Oxyl wash as constants. I really thought I had my skincare process down pat this past year after discovering Caudalie’s products. This routine didn’t sting at all and kept my skin clear (which is my main goal), but no matter how many moisturizers, serums, or facial oils I used, my skin was still tight and dry. Thanks, Retin-A. Womp Womp. My face was also inflamed and red everyday. Again, thanks Retin-A. You may be wondering why I keep using retinol if it’s uncomfortable. The truth is while Retin-A makes my skin sensitive, it keeps it incredibly free of acne, white and blackheads, and bumps, and it also slows the aging process so I refuse to give it up. I’m just constantly in search for product that will help calm its negative effects.


Soothe Results

A friend of mine had been trying to talk to me about Rodan + Field’s Skincare for months, but honestly I wasn’t interested in experimenting with something new and breaking out. I also didn’t need someone being pushing me to buy something against my will. In addition, I never liked Proactiv (same creators) as a teenager. I found it abrasive and EXTREMELY drying. I figure Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are lying in those commercials. In early February I finally decided to meet with my friend Haley (a Rodan + Fields consultant) and get the spiel over with! I planned on telling her that I wasn’t interested and then I could be done hearing about Rodan + Fields.

Well that’s not how it actually went down. At first pure skepticism was written all over my face. *Think my facial expressions during Women Tell All.* But a couple minutes into her sales script, I was hearing some things I liked and my face softened. I liked the way Rodan + Fields has four lines all designed for different skin types. Refine for firming and preventing and softening wrinkles and shrinking pores. Reverse for those suffering from brown spots, discoloration, dullness, and sun damage. Unblemish for getting rid of acne and post-acne marks. And finally, Soothe, for sensitive, irritated, rudy skin, like mine. Soothe intrigued me…and THEN I saw the before-and-after photos…


Redefine Results

Damn, I thought, Haley is a good saleswoman! Was I really flirting with the idea of changing up my skincare routine?! I asked Haley for a two month supply of Soothe for free. I wasn’t going to drop $100+ and possibly breakout into a pizza face. (I didn’t get Unblemished because I don’t consider my acne to be active.) I told her if I saw and felt a significant difference in my skin over the next two months, I would consider joining her as a Rodan + Fields consultant.


Reverse Results

Fast forward two months

I’ve never been so happy with the condition of my skin. I’m obsessed with Soothe. I didn’t change any of my constants. I still incorporated my prescriptions and PanOxyl into my routine, even my Retin-A. However, with the help of Soothe’s Sensitive Skin solution, Retin-A isn’t irritating at all! My face is so much softer, comfortable feeling, and significantly less red than it was 2 months ago. The below before-and-after photos were taken just six weeks apart.

Any friend who is having skin problems, I tell them about Soothe and the Rodan + Fields line. Anyone who comments on how beautiful my skin is, I rave about it! So just yesterday I signed up to be a Rodan + Fields consultant. I’ve had moments of regret that I didn’t do as my 18-year-old self intended and become a dermatologist. I figure being a Rodan + Fields rep, especially with my reach as a D-lister, is a good way to help people solve their skin issues without the extra four+ years of medical school.

No makeup, using Soothe for 6 weeks. (Also, lip injection deflation hehe.)

No makeup, using Soothe for 6 weeks. (Also, lip injection deflation hehe.)

Yes, I only have first hand experience with the Soothe line, but I believe all the lines work as magically as I’ve seen so many others’ impressive results. There are too many Rodan + Fields products for me to give you a rundown here on DuchessKimberly.com. However you can visit my personal Rodan + Fields consultant site for plenty of more information on the products and you can order directly from me there. You can also see more awesome before-and-after photos on my site. If you’re a bit hesitant to try a Rodan + Fields line, like I was, and would feel more comfortable chatting with me about the products first, please email me at duchesskimberly@gmail.com to set up a 20 minute Skype consultation with me! I’d be happy to help educate you on the products, tell you more about my experience, and walk you through the ordering process.

  • npaul4
    Posted at 01:22h, 06 April

    I would like to set up a Skype con. with you. My skin is all sorts of messed up and think this may help.

    • ashleyiaconetti
      Posted at 15:54h, 11 April

      Awesome! Please email duchesskimberly.com and we’ll come up with an appointment time!

  • Kiss & Make-up
    Posted at 09:33h, 06 April

    The before and after really says it all, your skin looks great!

  • Sabrina
    Posted at 07:56h, 18 August

    Love this!!! I’m a R+F addict also and have been selling for about 5 months now. best job ever!!! changing skin changing lives!

  • Crystal Huszczo
    Posted at 17:31h, 12 November

    Can I use the anti aging line while pregnant? Also is there a two in one? Anti aging and acne?

    • ashleyiaconetti
      Posted at 19:12h, 03 March

      I honestly have no idea. I would call R+F regarding that.