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Quick Fix If You Fall Asleep Wearing Makeup

Quick Fix If You Fall Asleep Wearing Makeup

I HATE falling asleep in my makeup! I’ve been doing it way too often lately. I think it must be a living with a boy thing. I used to not wash my face before bed MAYBE like three times a year. It was a gift to myself on an unusually late or sick night. Now, I skip washing maybe twice a month and for a skincare freak/acne prone person like me, that’s way too much.

This is how it happens…We eat like crap. I get so bloated and all I want to do is get under the comforter and sleep it off (and fart out all that air…once Jared is asleep.) Or we fall asleep snuggling on the couch and don’t move over to the bed until 2am. OR! Jared’s all cozy in bed reading a book or something and I decide to “close my eyes” next to him before I get ready and we all know how that turns out.

Luckily, I do have a quick fix for deep cleaning my pores out after nights like these. It’s Olga Lorencin’s Deep Detox Facial. It’s a three step at-home treatment that I find vacuums out your pores. It’s exfoliates and helps eliminate congestion in your skin that can lead to dullness, acne, and redness. I try to use it every 5 days and always the mornings after I sleep with makeup on.

You know those horribly annoying whiteheads and milas that don’t look like real pimples, but they look like brail, especially with makeup on? (See right photo) Since I’ve started using this kit regularly, I’ve noticed a lot less of those need to be extracted when I go in for facial’s at Olga’s spa. FYI, those little buggers don’t often go away unless they turn into real pimples overtime or get extracted by a professional. However, you can prevent them from having a good at-home care system including the Deep Detox Facial.

For more of the benefits of this $98 set, check out Olga Lorencin’s website HERE. Her clients include Eva Mendes and Gal Gadot and Halle Berry has raved about one of her other at home kits, The Red Carpet Facial in a Box, on Watch What Happens Live. P.S. Nothing on my blog is a paid ad.

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