Saying Yes To The Dress

You guys! I said yes to a dress last night at Kinsley James Bridal in West Hollywood! Of course, I’m not going to give any details about the dress’s style or designer yet. I’m still not sure if I’ll have two dresses…one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Part of me feels like this dress I already picked deserves all the attention and part of me thinks I love bridal fashion too much to just wear one! My wedding planner Troy Williams, one of Harper Bazaar’s top planner’s of the year, and I will be going to Ryan & Walter’s this week to talk about the possibility of creating a sexy reception dress. What do you think? One dress or two?!

On my dress shopping tour, I went to Kleinfeld’s in NYC, Monique Lhuillier in West Hollywood, Lovella in Glendale, CA, and Kinsley James in West Hollywood. The service at all the bridal boutiques was top notch! I seriously cannot believe how fantastic all the experiences were. Huge thanks to the consultants: Diane at Kleinfeld‘s, Nicola & Terra at Monique Lhuiller, Nayri at Lovella, and Kelsey & Dawn at Kinsley James! These ladies are so skilled in their field and I feel so honored to have had their help in this process.

In the coming weeks, I will have a new column with to document this wedding planning process in further detail. But before that, I wanted to show y’all some of the beautiful dresses I tried on during the past couple weeks, but didn’t strongly consider. Those serious contenders may stay private forever.




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  1. You look absolutely stunning in every single one of those dresses !! I can not wait to see the one you picked !! So happy for you Two. I just got engaged 2 weeks ago, feeling beyond blessed !! xoxoxoxox

  2. You’re going to be one beautiful bride girl! They’re all so gorgeous, I can understand the dilemma of trying to choose just one. Is the wedding going to be televised?

  3. You look perfect in all of them! But only do one. You don’t get to wear it for very long as is, and I think having two diminishes the time you get to wear such a special dress even more.

  4. Ashley, You look amazing and beautiful in all of them. I can only imagine what the dresses that you chose look like because you look good in everything I have ever seen you wear. I say go for 2 dresses. Even though you don’t wear it for very long, I say 2 because you can save the main one for your daughter to use when she gets married and have the other one to wear when leaving the reception. I wish you and Jared a lifetime of happiness!!