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Skincare Live Stream: Part 1

Skincare Live Stream: Part 1

Heyy yooo! Gravy.live is a new streaming platform which creates a more interactive experience for hosts and their audiences. For example, I can conduct live polls, do giveaways, and most importantly video chat face to face with my viewers and make them a guest on my live stream.

I went live for the first time through Gravy.Live this week. I hate saying, “Everyone’s been asking me about…” because that’s usually what unimaginative companies tell influencers to day before going into advertising dialogue. But that being said, a lot of people do ask me about my skincare routine which is the kindest of compliments because six years ago I was plagued with horrendous cystic acne. It was so bad it significantly affected my social life and I never wanted to leave the house. I’ve documented these struggles in multiple ByAshleyi.com entries before, like HERE and HERE. But those posts are a little outdated, so I decided to do a live stream through Gravy detailing everything I do today to keep the acne at bay and keep my skin looking fleek.

I apparently do so much that I need to do two Gravy episodes on skincare. This first part is more medical and acne based and the next one will be more about facials, derma rollers, and med spa injectables.


To watch click the embedded video right above this line and expand the screen or click HERE. Fast forward to 13:33 for the start of the show.¬†Make sure to FOLLOW ME on Gravy.live. so that you’re alerted every time I go live.P.S. Gravy works best in Google Chrome.

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