Are You Tired Of Us Yet?

Up until the past week or so, Jared and I have been non-stop since announcing our relationship in May via “The Story of Us.” We’ve been so blown away how supportive and sweet people have been towards our unconventional love story. We appreciate every single kind comment written or spoken to us.

This week we’ve gotten to start some new TV shows (I’d highly recommend You on Lifetime) and fall asleep on the couch in the middle of movies we’ve rented on Amazon. It’s been niiice! I’ve also gotten to catch up on this blog.

Sometimes I compile stuff here on the blog just for my own sake, like it’s a diary. This may be one of those posts, unless you want to watch hours of Jared and I gushing over one another. If you don’t, just know this self-obsessed seeming collection of our interviews over the past five months is to show the kids one day…and wedding vendors when we’re trying to negotiate publicity deals…

Our Proposal:

Glamour’s Friendship Test:

Us Weekly’s Newlywed Game:

Ellen’s Compatibility Test:

Good Morning America engagement announcement:

Good Morning America Interview:

People TV on Set of Engagement Shoot:

Access Interview After Announcing That We’re Together:

Access Announces Engagement:

Access Post Engagement:

Women’s Health:

Barstool Sports Dating Announcement:

Entertainment Tonight Dating Announcement:

Entertainment Tonight Pre-Engagement Interview:

Entertainment Tonight Post-Engagement Interview Clips:

Entertainment Tonight Red Carpet Day Week of Engagement:

Entertainment Tonight Romantic Things:

Entertainment Tonight Wedding Planning:

Entertainment Tonight Canada Pet Peeves:

E! Dating Announcement:

E! Post Engagement Interview:

E! Post Dating Announcement at Wango Tango:

E!’s Most Likely Game:

E! on Quick Engagements:

E! at ABC Upfronts Talking Wedding Plans:

E! Talking About Our Future Kids:

Extra Interview Where I Sound Like A Failing Pageant Contestant:

Extra Newly Dating Interview at Wango Tango:

Extra Interview Post Engagement:

Extra Rapid Fire Quiz:

Extra at the iHeart Festival Talking Eloping and Ashton & Mila:


Our Love

One of the reasons Jared and I taped and produced our episode of The Story of Us is so we wouldn’t have to explain repeatedly how our friendship evolved into love. It’s a long story and it’s complex. So that being said, if you’re curious, watch The Story of Us below.


Andrew Firestone was the first Bachelor I thought was super hot as a “kid,” plus he has that Firestone pedigree. You should never marry for money, but it also doesn’t hurt if they have it too 😉…His season of The Bachelor aired over a decade ago and since he’s married and has two kids. Andrew is updating us on his life in our throwback segment on episode 9 (season 3). You NEED how if it wasn’t for the franchise, he may not have ever met his wife! It’s fate!

After Andrew, we have a broken hearted caller explain how she was recently cheated on and needs help getting over her now ex-boyfriend. Not only do Ben and I give our best advice for moving on and heart healing, but we have Almost Famous listeners call in and give their advice.

If you want to share your thoughts or have questions you’d like to be answered on the podcast, email or rate us on iTunes HERE. The Almost Famous podcast is new on Tuesdays or Wednesdays during the “off season.” Listen and Subscribe on the iHeart Radio App or on iTunes.


Men Tell All was more of a discussion on race than it was about the men’s relationship with Rachel.

Access Hollywood Live was dark this week, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t in the studio this Tuesday. Jared was in LA so he came in to do Access Hollywood’s FB Live with me. He, Alex Hudgens, and I talk about what Demario’s poor outfit choice demonstrated, Rachel’s explanation to Dean, and Lee’s racist tweets.

The Bachelorette: The Morning AfterIf you missed The Bachelorette last night, Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon are here breaking down all of ‘The Men Tell All’ drama!

Posted by Access Hollywood on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I joined Alex again on Access Hollywood’s night show to discuss how Demario and Lee handled their chance at redemption.

My Cosmopolitan article this week touches on Rachel’s admiration for Matt and Adam, why Dean wanted her to meet his family, and Kenny’s relationship with his daughter. Read HERE.


Has Texting Ruined Relationships?

I’ve never dated in a textless world. I may always be curious as to how those good ol’ times were. Waiting by the phone for a phone call?! How sweet that must have been. Not having to interpret the tone and subtext of a text? Even sweeter! Fortunately, the guys I’ve been into the past couple of years have been pretty great picking up the phone or hitting the FaceTime button and actually verbally communicating. I pick good ones…as most of you know. However, I have a lot of friends that only text their BAE when they’re apart. They can go long spans of time without hearing each other’s voices.

Some studies suggest that a whooping 93 percent of communication is nonverbal. According to the Mehrabian theory, the actual words used in a message make up only 7 percent how to it is conveyed to the receiver. The rest of how the message is interpreted is based on vocal tone and the facial and body language exerted. With text messaging, we’re misinterpreting, over analyzing, stressing about response times, and worrying about how to respond perfectly. A decade ago (my freshman year of college), all of this was practically non-existent.

I believe millennials aren’t experienced or comfortable enough with intimate conversation and communication the way previous generations have been. We’ve had the option to hide behind screens and not expose ourselves. Being vulnerable is scary and technology has given us the choice to conceal and bury our feelings as much as we’d like. Heck, we can even pretend other people’s emotions don’t exist. Do we really this to be acceptable in our world? If you don’t, join me in the #EmotionalRevolution.

Watch my friend Blaise Beyhan of the band Miss You further discuss how disappointing some of our modern communication norms are below.