Faking Implants

Supremely satisfied with the illusion my Bombshell bra is creating.

Supremely satisfied with the illusion my Bombshell bra is creating.

It’s so funny. Whenever I wear my Victoria’s Secret Bombshell push-up bra, which adds two cup sizes, everybody thinks I got breast implants. Nope, just a good bra. It’s all an illusion! Sorry, guys!

People also sometimes think I went under the plastic surgeon’s knife sometimes the week leading up to my period. Nope, that’s hormones.

Normally, I’m pretty average B-cup. I like the fact I can wear sticky nippies (pasties) and be pretty flat or wear my Bombshell bra and feel like Jessica Simpson. The Bombshell also comes in a strapless form, which I have and Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.56.52 PMuse when it’s necessary. It doesn’t stay up super well, but it does make your boobies look large and in charge.

I learned a trick while competing in a low level Miss USA contest (Yes, I did that once while in an Olivia Culpo phase…well, I’m always in an Olivia Culpo phase.) There’s this stuff called butt glue…yep, it’s been given the eloquent name of “butt glue”… which you can buy here. You can add some of this body adhesive glue to any swimsuit that would require you picking a wedgie every 2 minutes. And you can also use it to keep a strapless bra, like the strapless Bombshell, from annoyingly falling.

Then there are times you need to duct tape you boobs, like I did at the Batman v. Superman premiere. You can learn about this Hollywood secret Kim K is fond of using here.

Also, I just want to let you girls know, I’m not paid to speak about any of the products I review on DuchessKimberly.com.Ā šŸ˜˜


What Kardashley Wore Week 2

Let’s be honest, people. I define nightmare dressed like a daydream. I pretty much just gallivanted around in my bathing suits (which are pretty fab if I may say so) during this week’s episodes. But here are the items you saw on Bachelor in Paradise Week 2 that I feel are worth sharing…


I got this colorful woven crop on sale at Urban Outfitters over a year ago. It only looks appropriate in a tropical setting. I may just be posting this because it’s a cute picture.


“I even wore nude lipstick so he wouldn’t be afraid to kiss me!” Is that the exact quote? In case you weren’t aware, red lipstick freaks out some guys because they don’t want to smear it all over your face or theirs while kissing you. Red lipstick basically says don’t touch me and I definitely didn’t want to put that message out there. So I wore my new fave Anastasia’s Liquid Lipstick in Milk Shake. It’s a light pink/nude, very kissable shade. It’s also super matte. My makeup in general was so on fleek the night Jared asked Clare on the bungee jumping date. It was so unfortunate I had to mess it up by crying.


“She’s like a child in a woman’s body.” I’ve gotta say, Kirk was pretty on point with that comment. The day I was wearing this bluish/purple high-waisted suit from Forever 21, I felt particularly liberated. Jared was off on his date with Clare and I knew everything was out of my control for a few hours and I had no one to impress so I literally played in the ocean with Jonathan and JJ. I sort of joked that I wore a high waisted suit when Jared wasn’t around because I have heard that guys think these are anti-sexy. However, this suit, the cheapest swimsuit I brought to Paradise, was my most complimented. The guys loved it, especially “my Kanye” Jonathan. You’re most likely to find this hanging on an end of season sale rack at your nearest Forever.


Shout out to Victoria’s Secret’s Bombshell Bra for adding two cup sizes to my small B-cup boobs. Although it may have looked like it in this top, I’m not one of those girls “running around with their fake boobies.” (HAHA, oh Lauren.)


It was no coincidence I was completely done up when Jared and Clare came back from their date. I had to have “revenge face,” right? I was able to achieve this Kardashian cheekbone highlight thanks to Becca Cosmetic’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal.Ā 


I’m truly in love with this Notebook-esque, 40s-style swimsuit combo I created. The black bottoms are from American Apparel and the top is actually a bralet that I got from Victoria’s Secret on sale about 5 years ago and had never worn before. I just wanted forĀ someoneĀ to be like, “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” But yaaa not there yet…sooooo I just peed in the ocean instead. Everyone does it!


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