Colton’s Season Recaps: Week 5

This week on Access Live I let Kit, Natalie, and Scott in on Cassie’s other reality show, Young Once, which documents a group of Christian friends in Southern California and follows Cassie’s relationship with her on-again, off-again boyfriend.

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo join me for this week’s The Bachelor: The Morning After. We discuss doing some special wedding related stuff together and the story behind Kirpa’s chin bandaid.

I discuss Heather’s eight month kiss-less “relationship” and Elyse’s confusing reasoning for leaving the show in my Cosmopolitan recap: That Steamy First Kiss to That Awkward Goodbye.

I’m revealing my theory on why Onyeka is starting drama with Nicole in my Week 5 FabFitFun Snapchat Recap.


First up, Ben talks about how he feels like Demi and Hannah B. messed up on the group date by getting cheeseburgers instead of going through with the true mission. He also talks with Courtney (who Colton sent packing last week) about who are the frontrunners from her inside perspective and why she thinks Elyse chose to leave.

Jade, Tanner, Jared, and I hit the studio next to talk about their baby on the way and their new home in California. We chat about Heather’s first kiss, our first kisses, and our theories on why Heather never kissed a guy she dated for eight months. Then we have Catherine, ya know the girl that interrupted four times on night one, call into the podcast. She explains 1) Why she interrupted so much and 2) why she’s Team Nicole in the drama between her and Onyeka.

Plus! Jared and Tanner talk about hiding boners on the show and Jade informs us on Cassie’s other reality show.

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Colton’s Season Recaps: Week 4

This week on Access Live Chris Harrison joined Kit, Natalie, Scott, and me for a serious discussion about sexual abuse and how important the discussion between Caelynn and Colton was for the young audience to see.

Becca Tilley joins Tricia and I on The Bachelor: The Morning After. We discuss the extreme dates like bungee jumping and exotic eyeball eating. Becca jokes I would have done all of it to impress Jared on BIP. We also chat about kissing on camera and our hopes for Heather getting her first kiss from The Bachelor.

I further discuss Caelynn’s bravery and the intimacy of her date with Colton in this week’s Cosmopolitan recap: Caelynn Gets Closer to Colton…and Hannah?!

In my Week 4 Snapchat Recap with FabFitFun, I discuss where Courtney went wrong. She would have gone home even if Demi didn’t call her “a cancer” in the house because of this…

Colton’s Season Recaps: Week 3

This week on Access Live I chatted with Kit Hoover and Mike Catherwood about Colton’s chemistry with Hannah G. and Elyse. Kit critiqued Colton’s kissing skills.

Wells joins us for The Bachelor: The Morning after and imitates how Nick Viall would handle the Hannah B. v. Caelynn drama. I explain how at this point there’s only one candidate for The Bachelorette almost everyone will be down with.

I discuss how Caitlin’s misunderstanding of the Bachelor cliche’ “opening up” led to her elimination in this week’s Cosmopolitan recap: Battle of the Beauty Queens.

In my Week #3 Snapchat recap with FabFitFun, my sister and I talk about the game of “stealing,” what men love according to The Bachelor, and why it’s important not raise your voice up a zillion octaves on dates.

Colton’s Season Recaps: Week 2

This week on Access Live I spoke to Kit, Natalie, and Scott about how awkward one-on-one dates can be on The Bachelor regardless of how confident and conversational you are. After that, I hit up the digital studio to record the below recap with Nick Viall in which we debate what kind of character Demi is. Plus! We try to figure out if Hannah B. and Caelynn both winded up on the same season by coincidence.

I thought the Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman date was too crass and I complain about it in my Cosmopolitan recap week #2: OMG, This Was The Cringiest First Date Ever!

In my Week #2 FabFitFun Snapchat Recap, I reveal which of Colton’s girls impressed me the most this episode.