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Week #1 Almost Famous Episode: Game, Set, Matt Release Date: 1/5/21 Podcast Description: Blake Horstmann joins Ashley & Ben to recap Matt's premiere episode. They discuss why Matt might be the most endearing Bachelor and why his innocence in Bachelor process works. Ashley, Ben, and Blake chat about the power...

Episode: Friends in Lowe PlacesRelease Date: 6/8/20iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley bring Bekah Martinez on to the show to discuss her strong opinion Garrett Yrigoyen's Thin Blue Line Instagram post. She shares her personal thoughts about the demonstrations and protests and we find out what Garrett meant...

EPISODE 1  We meet Peter's women. Hannah Brown isn't over him. Madison has the first one-on-one and is an early favorite. Kelley has already met Peter. Cosmopolitan: There's Something About Hannah Ann and a Major Finale Theory  Access: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_wJHb2aET8 EPISODE 2 Hannah Ann and Kelsey go at it over a bottle...