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The Almost Famous Podcast: Episodes 4, 4.5, & 5

The Almost Famous Podcast: Episodes 4, 4.5, & 5

In Episode 4 of the Ben and Ashley I.: Almost Famous Podcast I explain to Ben what a “boy band drought” is and why in their mid-forties the New Kids on the Block are still the coolest cats. While we give a listener some relationship advice, Ben unfortunately needs to listen to his parents talk about spicing things up in the bedroom.

Episode 4.5 is a breaking news podcast about the Bachelor in Paradise shenanigans in which Ben and I speak with a reporter with The Hollywood Reporter to get facts, not more rumors.

In Episode 5 I put my Elle Woods hat on to discuss the Bachelor in Paradise controversy with a legal specialist from The Hollywood Reporter and Ben shares a very awkward locker room story. P.S. It has to do with Ben’s naked body.

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