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THE ALMOST FAMOUS PODCAST: Hearing All from the Men with Tayshia, Dean & Jared

THE ALMOST FAMOUS PODCAST: Hearing All from the Men with Tayshia, Dean & Jared

I couldn’t wait to get my thoughts out about Hannah’s Men Tell All and since I am in Lake Tahoe, I decided to break it all down with the help of Jared, Dean, and Tayshia. We get pretty in-depth when talking about Luke P. and how his actions are nearing a point where I can no longer defend them. Dean brings up some interesting points when comparing Luke’s tendencies to those of a diagnosed psychopath. One thing that we all agree on is that the public needs to stop bullying Luke, it is one thing to dislike him but it is another deny him the opportunity to ever redeem himself. Jared and Dean try to put themselves in Pete, Tyler and Jed’s position, trying to imagine how they would have responded. Would they have jumped in and stood up for Hannah? Or would they have let Hannah handle the situation herself?

We all give our thoughts on whether or not it is appropriate for a contestant to ask the lead about the fantasy suite dates they had with other people. Tayshia, being the only one of us four that have made it to that point shares what she felt was appropriate at that time. Listen to the Almost Famous Podcast to hear us try to make sense of that chaotic Men Tell All.

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