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This special Crate & Barrel sponsored bridal shower podcast was such a heart warming experience. Ben hosted and I was a guest on my own podcast. And that was fun for a change! Our Bachelor family friends shared observations of Jared and my relationship and stories from their time with us.

Ben discusses the moment I told him Jared wanted to be with me and how weary he was of the situation. Chris and Krystal talk about being their for our engagement and I explain why they stood out to me meeting them for the first time in that moment. Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad tell the audience about these girl chats we had when Jared first came out with his feelings. Becca was always very confused how we weren’t a couple all these years. Nick and Kendall take the stage at the live podcast and Nick proves to be comedian of the night. He talks about the moment he asked Jared what was going on between the two of us when they were living together. Nick also regales everyone with the time Jared got snappy when my ex’s name was brought up. Kendall explains the similarities between how she initially dealt with her feelings for Joe and how Jared dealt with his feelings for me.

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