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THE ALMOST FAMOUS PODCAST: SEASON 4, EPISODE 7 & Bachelor Winter Games Special

THE ALMOST FAMOUS PODCAST: SEASON 4, EPISODE 7 & Bachelor Winter Games Special

Ben and I were in Carmel, CA while recording this episode. Ben had hosting duties at the ATT Pro-Am golf tournament and I just chilled with some of the Winter Games crew while watching Chris Harrison kill it on the course.

We start out this episode talking about our shared passion for The Greatest Showman. If you haven’t seen it yet, this movie is sensory candy in my opinion. It will make your heart soar in glee and your face sore from a plastered smile from start to finish.

In addition to talking about Tia and Bekah’s beef and Seinne’s departure, Ben and I have special guest Luke Pell on episode 7 (season 4) of The Almost Famous podcast. We discuss our favorite moments together while filming the Bachelor Winter Games and his new music.

Ben and I released a special edition of The Almost Famous podcast in an effort to educate you on how The Bachelor Winter Games works and reintroduce you to some of the cast. Clare Crawley, Eric Bigger, Bibiana Juilan, and Lesley Murphy tease what story lines and sports to look forward to during this four episode series.

If you want to share your thoughts or have questions you’d like to be answered on the podcast, email benandashley@iheartmedia.com or rate us on iTunes HERE. The Almost Famous podcast is new Monday nights after The Bachelor during the season. Listen and Subscribe on the iHeart Radio App or on iTunes.

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